A Song A Day Challenge: Day 2

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 28 2017

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This is my second effort at the A Song A Day Challenge, sent my way by A Momma’s View.  Click onto her site and see the deal with the challenge, and enjoy a few of her posts while your there.

As I mentioned in the initial Day 1 post, I’ve chosen to pick five significant things in my life and apply a meaningful song to each of the five.


Firstly, I need to tag two peeps for the challenge, with no obligation assumed, of course.  That said, my nominees for today are:

Zombie Flamingos


Behind The White Coat

So, today, my focus is on something I never really had growing up, never really knew was possible, and yet something I always craved in my heart of hearts, in spite of my natural instinct to be a loner, or a mere survivor.   To have my own family, whom I love and cherish more than anything, and make a home for and with?  It gives me a serious case of the feels, man.

Wherever the five of us are is my home.  I’m proud of the life we’ve created, how we’re raising these amazing young men, and the long and winding road it took, and that I never could’ve seen coming, to get here.

Now, a day in our life is certainly not akin to an episode of Leave It To Beaver.  But, it’s ours.  And more than I could’ve ever asked for, or deserved.

My topic today is:


The song I’ve chosen is:

“More Than One Way Home” by Keb’ Mo’

My lyric for the day:

There’s more than one way home

Ain’t no right way, ain’t no wrong

And whatever road you might be on

You find your own way ’cause there’s

more than one way home


Listen to the rest here: