By: sonofabeach96

Jun 28 2015

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It’s a start?

After a couple days of no response to Fathers Day card and call, he calls back.  Conversation is cordial, small-talkie, how-are-you, how-are-the-boys kinda stuff.  I play along.  No mention of my olive branch to somehow reconnect.

Finally, he mentions it.  Says that there’s nothing wrong, they’re not mad at us, etc.  chalks it up to life and laziness getting in the way.  Says that once you haven’t spoken to someone for a while it gets harder to to do so as the time passes.  I get that.  I’m sure we all have friends that we swore we would never lose touch with, but you do.  I get it.

But, that seems like a half assed explanation.  I’m his ONLY child!  I’m his f$&@ing son!  I’ve provided him with three beautiful grandsons, his ONLY grandchildren!  Lazy and too busy just doesn’t cut it with me.

Im trying to let go of the resentment, from a lifetime of disappointment.  I’m swear I’m trying.  Those half assed responses don’t make it easier.  I’m trying to see this as, “Hey, at least he acknowledged my attempt, finally.  Maybe this is a good start”.  I’m not getting my hopes up.  I’m staying realistic here.  But, it’s a start.  Ill just keep plugging away from my end and hope for the best.

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  1. That is so very sad. Some people just have very low emotional needs and response. He sounds clueless. It doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be a normal loving involved parent and grandparent. That is his loss! Go where the love is. Hugs


  2. Thanks for the response, I never really expected anyone to see this stuff, much less respond.
    It is sad, for all 5 of us, not just me. The worst part is, I had resolved those childhood resentments and let go, for the most part. Things were much better during my early marriage and then kids. It got bad again the last 3-4 years. It hasn’t helped that my stepmom started this midlife crisis-like behavior around that time too. My dad, as you might already assume, is older than her, by about 13 years. He’s in his 70’s and slowing down, she’s in her early 60’s and not ready to yet. He’s made his bed, I guess, and now has to lie in it. But neglecting us has been a hard pill to swallow as a result. I fully admit, I’m part to blame for the disconnect. But I tried for 3-4years with no result. I’m just about to give up. But hey, trust anyway, hope anyway, right?


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