Life is so unfair sometimes

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 06 2015

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My poor boss.  She and her husband have 3 great kids.  The oldest son is now in college and doing well, after the typical freshman year partying and such.  He’s a good kid.  Their youngest is a girl, 12 with fire red hair and the accompanying attitude.  Their middle child is a boy, about 14.  He’s also WAS a great kid.

he passes away late in the evening on july4th.  I got a text from a co-worker yesterday evening letting me know he had lost his battle.  An insidious disease that nobody should have to endure, much less a child.  He fought like a warrior for nearly three years.  Given false hope after a year only to have the monstr return with a vengeance a month or two after being told it was in remission.  A strapping young lad with a bright future, a young man full of life and promise and opportunity had been stripped of anything normal.  His life had become confined to hospital rooms, experimental procedures, tubes and IV’s.  Constant illness related to his treatments, his face becoming bloated to the point that he no longer resembled the young, vibrant boy he was before this all ravaged him. He is now gone, yet another lost gem in this cruel world.

I know this is nothing new.  That injustice and wrongdoings are the norm in this crazy thing we call life.  I know there are countless others who’ve lost children or loved ones far too soon from awful diseases and accidents.  I know life will march on without skipping a beat.  I know he won’t be the last child taken callously and prematurely from their loving parents.  But it is all just so unfair.  And it makes no sense whatsoever for this to have happened.

when I heard the news, I cried, I told my wife, we hugged.  But then I found my 3 boys and squeezed them and told them how much I love them and cherish them.  I told them I would protect them from any threat that dare try to take them from me.  Buy deep down inside, I know there are some things I can’t protect them from.  Life can be so unfair.

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