How bizarre!

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 15 2015

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Do you know many, if any, people who still wear bobby pins?  I don’t.  Now, I’m a guy, and as such, I am usually oblivious to the grooming habits and rituals of women, including my wife’s, for the most part.  However, the sudden and continuing appearance of bobby pins in my life has me wondering.

The only person I’ve known, for certain, that wore bobby pins was my mother-in-law.  Well, since her death five years ago, I have found all of the ones in the pic above.  And they’ve been in some of the oddest places too.

I remember the first one I found was laying on the bathroom floor.  Out of the blue, poof, it was there.  I’ve found em in parking lots, the hallway of my workplace, on the beach, around our house, on the floor next to our table when out for dinner.  The most surreal time came at a car wash.  I had pulled in next to the vacuum, went to the passenger side to pull out the floor mats.  Forgot my quarters, went back to the drivers side to get em, come back to where I had been standing not 10 seconds earlier, and voila, five pins on the ground next to the vac.  I had been in that same spot and didnt see them.  Come back and they’re there.  Very Twilight Zone-ish man!

I’m sure people could explain all these instances away.  Surely there are still women who use them, cat burglars still pick locks with them, etc.  I’ve even tried to explain it away myself.  But, the most recent find was in our FREEZER!  Yes, in our freezer.  I’m sorry, but try to explain that away.

Now, call me crazy, but we believe this is a sign from CJ.  Is she just saying, “What’s up?”, is it a warning of something on the horizon, or am I reading too much into this?  And, for that matter, if it is her doing this, why doesn’t she send them to my wife instead of me?  I don’t know the answers to any of those questions.

I choose to believe they are, in fact, her way of communicating with us.  Or me, not sure.  It still leaves me baffled and shaking my head.  Whenever i find one i snap a pic and send it to my wife.  Shes as mystified by all this as i am. But when I find one in some obscure location at a random time, I tell her “hi CJ” and hold on to it.  I bring em home and place it alongside of the others I’ve found on a silver chain that was hers.  Sometimes life is stranger than fiction and events are TOO coincidental to be coincidence..

Or, maybe I’m just a loon.  That, of course, is a real possibility too.

7 comments on “How bizarre!”

  1. This is beautiful. I love the idea that your mother-in-law is giving you signs. I don’t think you are a loon but who am I to say so… 🙂

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    • It really is odd. Have found them in the strangest places. Found one in our freezer a few weeks ago. How do you explain that?!? Haven’t found one in a while but I’m sure one will appear soon. And it seems its just me that finds them. Go figure.

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      • I have dreams of my step-dad (he was the one who really impacted my upbringing from when I was 8 to when he passed I was 26). In the middle of my dreams I realize I’m dreaming and that he shouldn’t be there. I normally get to ask one question (normally something to do with life, like do you know Emily is doing ok? or tell him I love him and hug him before he disappears. He never talks once I realize I’m dreaming… That always happens when I miss him or really want to tell him something. I’m typing this and now my eyes are blurry. I choose to believe he’s showing up in random dreams… But again, I might just be slightly strange

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      • Nah, I don’t think your crazy. I’m a believer too. That’s how my MIL contacts my wife, in her dreams. Funny how people give you that ‘look” when you talk to them about this kinda thing. I’m right there with ya though.

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      • Thank you! Not everybody believe but I do.

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