Rockin the Riverfront

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 16 2015

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I remember the first Forecastle Festival as a small event, maybe two or threeimage nationally known acts with predominantly local musicians filling the rest of the bill.  It also included numerous visual artists and environmental activists setting up educational and informational booths.

This little festival has now become a nationally anticipated stop on the larger-scale festival tour, now included in the same breath as Bonaroo, South By Southwest, Tree Tops, and other well known gatherings of old hippies and new hipsters (I’m more old hippie than hipster by the way but I digress).

There have been outstanding headliners over the years such as the Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, the Avett Brothers, White Stripes (and Jack White solo), Beck, String Cheese Incident, and The Flaming Lips.  This year, I’m most excited to see Houndmouth, San Fermin in a midnight performance, and Over the Rhine.

The only thing missing is overnight camping, a staple necessity for all of us old-hand festivalers.  Hopefully, that can be rectified in the future.  That being said, it’s still worth crashing on a friends couch or renting a hotel room to attend this one.  It’s a trip you won’t regret.  Have fun y’all, and ill see ya there.

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