Love In Silhouette

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 20 2015

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As I stand in the garden, light of the day burning amber, sun dropping behind the rolling fields, I think of you.  I haven’t seen you all day and the day has been long.  I can see every curve, every crease of the corners of your delectable mouth when you smile, every fleck of gray in your steel blue eyes.  Or are they green?  It’s hard to tell somedays as they tend to change, like a mood ring into that beautiful soul.

I long to see you, the hours feel like days.  You are my center, and when you’re not near, I feel off course.  But I can see you, in my minds eye, as if you were standing next to me.  I can hear your voice as if you were whispering “I love you more” into my ear.  I can feel you as if you were laying on my chest, warm and naked, feeling your heart beating in synchronicity with mine.  Our bodies entwined, unable to tell where I end and you begin.  I miss you when you’re gone.  I try to stay busy, with kids, friends, house.  But when you’re not here, I’m not fully present either.  Half of me is gone.  I’m incomplete.

Then, standing here, nurturing the bounty the earth provides us, through the glow of a breathtaking sunset, I see you.  You’re nearly ethereal in this light.  It’s as if you are coming towards me in slow motion.  Your auburn hair shimmering and flowing freely in the hot summer breeze.  Your thin sundress exposing the outline of your body ever so seductively.  Your feet are bare, your sandals held lightly by the straps.  You are a country girl through and through but your ease and grace belie the intensity of your soul.  You are a vision, and I wish upon wishing I was with camera at this moment.  The light is perfect, and, for me, so are you.   I fall in love with you again in this instant.  As I do often.

It feels like a mirage, that maybe I’ve been in this oppressive July heat for too long.  I can’t move, nor do I want to.  If I could play this sight on a loop I would.  In my mind, I will place this vision away in the “you” file, to be retrieved whenever needed.  You are lovely.

Then you near me and I realize you ARE real, standing here, glowing, and taking my breath away.  You open your arms and wrap them softly around my neck.  I take you in mine, lifting your little frame off the ground, enveloping you.  You are real, and you are mine.  By the grace of god, you are mine.  I won’t let go, ever.  You’ve been missed.  And I’m so happy you’re home.  You say, “I love you”, and I give you my usual response of, “I love you more”.  I’m complete again.

edit:  I, for some reason, feel the need to state that the photo used in this post is not my wife.  It is a stock photo that accurately depicts how she appeared to me that evening with the sunlight, thin dress, etc.  my wife knows about this blog but I would never actually use a photo  of her without her permission.

23 comments on “Love In Silhouette”

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    Wow… this actually took my breath away. How beautiful. So many deep feelings in this post. A woman wants to be described like this by the man she loves and loves her…


  2. Absolutely beautiful. You must love her so very much.

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  3. What an absolutely gorgeous post.

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  4. Beautiful and captivating. Beautiful photo and words captured the essence of it perfectly.

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  5. This is such a beautiful and delightful read. Very heartwarming. I enjoyed it

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  6. What a beautiful post. Thanks to Lynn for sharing. 💖

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  7. This was beautifully written, with the slight hints of eroticism. Very classy.

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