I’m sorry

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 24 2015

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I was reading a post earlier, on narcissistic parents and the effects on the children of those parents.  It had an attached article, an article that, as I read it, was incredibly poignant and applicable to me.  It caused a reaction in me that I never could have predicted, nor could the person who posted it have had ANY idea what it would mean to me.  I responded to it, sent a post, described how intensely it flooded back memories and resentment and even some anger.  I wish now that I had not sent that message.   However, it also hit me in how accurate it was for my situation, made me look at myself and my parent in a totally different way, a way that brought me clarity and even some closure.  It provided me a new perspective.  One that I hadn’t seen in words and it helped me delve a little deeper in to myself.  It was a terrific article.  I think that post was taken down.  Not certain if my reaction had anything to do with that.  If so, I sincerely apologize, I never should’ve laid that on you.  I hope that you’ll repost it, so others may find the benefit as well.  Just as I did.  Again, I’m so sorry.  In the future, when something triggers or hits me hard or causes a bad memory in me, I’ll keep it to myself.  I’m sorry.

6 comments on “I’m sorry”

  1. If you do this, ” In the future, when something triggers or hits me hard or causes a bad memory in me, I’ll keep it to myself,” your friends will not be able to support you. They’ll have nothing to do while you bottle it up and let it eat away at you. Just saying, there’s a third way. Confide in someone you trust about the triggery stuff. You are not wrong to feel your emotions but you know how I feel about this already. I am restating it here for the record. You have NOTHING to be sorry about. x

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