Sunny days

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 24 2015

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On my hour-long commute home out of the city, I listen to either our local NPR station or my iPod.  Today was an iPod day.  This song just shuffled through as I was nearing the lake, the road crossing over the dam:

“Sunny Days” by Lauren Cunningham.

Today just happens to be that very thing.  Hotter than Hades, but beautiful.

Now, this song is actually about my beloved New Orleans.  It’s referring to its recovery, and still lack thereof, after hurricane Katrina.  It’s been 10 years this August yet there are still parts of the city which stand decrepit, blighted, and vacant.  It is sad, and frustrating for those who are from there.  The average tourist wouldn’t think so, being that they rarely venture out of the Quarter.  But trust me, there is still much work to do.

Anyway, the point of this post is because some days the sun is shining, you feel good, and all things seem possible.  Yesterday was one of those days, I just didnt recognize it at the time. Got paid to work, helped several people re-learn how to dress and walk and acquire enough strength to return home, I hugged my kids, I ate a fine meal or two, I made love, I cried and smiled and laughed, I listened to crickets chirp and peacocks caw and donkeys bray and coyotes howl, I watched a breathtaking sunset from the front porch of my home, I watched a field of alfalfa glow with flashes of illumination from 1000’s of lightin bugs, and I had a cathartic moment of self-reflection and processing and healing.  None these things, taken individually, are glamorous or particularly adventurous.  It was really kinda just a normal day.  When I really look at it, it was a very busy, rewarding, enriching, and amazing day!  All that crammed into 24 hours? Pretty busy day.  And I’m grateful for it, even as “normal” or “average” a day it was.

Now, the reason for the mention of the song, is because I think the lyrics are applicable to anyone suffering through turmoil, confusion, sadness, grieving, any trying time.  When I’m down and lose hope, I ask to not be forgotten, to please help me through this, and to be given a second chance to make things right or heal or make the right decision.  To all those who see this and may be suffering in some way, I wish nothing but hope, forgiveness, love, freedom, that gift of a second chance, or to make the right decision.  I wish you sunny days!

9 comments on “Sunny days”

  1. Great post! It’s good to remember how lucky we are 🙂

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  2. This is really beautiful. It touched me.

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