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By: sonofabeach96

Jul 25 2015

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I’m really kinda digging this album right now.  Every song is terrific.  I heard an interview with a couple of the band members, including the lead song-writer.  He admits that, yes, this album is primarily about a breakup, when questioned on that.  I’m not enduring the devastation of a breakup right now.  In fact, we’ve never been closer and happier.  But there was a time when we were nearly done.  Guest room was slept in, words were yelled, hurt was thrust upon, resentment bloomed, a ring was removed.  It was horrible, and I felt like I had died.  And I wanted nothing more than to fix it, heal it, and to not be sent away.

In that context, my song of the day is:

“Don’t Send Me Away”.  It’s one of many from this new album that transports me to my old reality.  Thank god we’ve both stayed on the clock since.  This new reality is better than we could’ve imagined.


let me add another song to this list:

“My Wrecking Ball” by Ryan Adams Live From Carnegie Hall

its not a new song but this new live version is beautiful!

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