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By: sonofabeach96

Jul 28 2015

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“Summertime Boy” by Seasick Steve

Summer has seemed to fly by on this most recent trip around the sun.  Since having kids, and them being of school-age, my summers seem to begin and end based on school calendars, not by moon phases and solstices.  In that context, our summer is nearly complete, as my boys begin classes next Wednesday.

its been a terrific one to be sure.  Several weekend getaways, a couple of National Parks visited, with the boys being sworn in as “Junior Rangers” at both (become kind of a tradition now with each having acquired 6 badges now).  We ate barbecue at cookouts, crawfish and shrimp under the canopy of 300 year-old live oak trees, and countless burgers and dogs on our back patio.  We’ve  dipped our toes in the Gulf of Mexico, a few mountain rivers, and the lake near our home.  We’ve hiked, camped, swam, surfed, paddled, boogie boarded, and flown kites.  We’ve seen the curve of the earth from atop the Gateway Arch, and have been below sea level in the most awesome city in the country.  We’ve laughed, smiled, hugged, and taken thousands of photographs, my most cherished possessions.  Summertime is the best!!!

now, don’t get me wrong.  I love the other seasons as well.  Fall is the time of year my wife and I began all those years ago.  It brings crisp, clear air, chilly evenings, and tailgating at my beloved Cardinal football games.  Spring brings rebirth, the blooming of flowers and greening of the landscape.  Winter…well, lets just say it’s my least favorite season as I despise cold weather and when we have snow and ice it makes getting up and down our gravel-covered-1/2 mile long driveway a real pain in the ass.  But it’s magical to have the entirety of our landscape glisten and shimmer when said snow and ice coats everything.

But summer?  Summer is where it’s at man!  What other season packs so much into 2 1/2 months?  It’s been another great one, with one more getaway to Chicago this weekend and one more to the Gulf for me with a couple buddies mid-August.  After that, schools in, boys will be busy with activities, homework will be assigned, and it’ll begin to get darker earlier (which I HATE).  We will see less of each other and be running around like crazy people, juggling schedules and worrying about bedtimes.  The traveling will slow down, the cookouts will stop, and sweaters and jeans will have to be dusted off.  But what I’ll miss most is all the quality time we are afforded with these 3 little banshees.  We only have so many before they’re off to college or they’ll prefer to spend more time with their friends than us.  So I relish and savor these summers we have with them.  To be sure, I AM a summertime boy!

6 comments on “Song of the day”

  1. I love banshees. They makes such wonderful noises when they’re at play.

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    • You’d love my house then. Never, ever, never without noise!

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      • I think I’m noisier than the children. Enjoy the rest of your summer nights. Should we look forward to cookout photos?

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      • You don’t know my kids! 😃Not sure about the photo thing, I’m still trying to get used to this blog world. Putting photos of my kids and wife and friends? Ehhh, not sure I’m ready to do just yet, if ever. I’ve posted some of my photos in my posts so far, but all pretty benign with no family faces front and center. I don’t know, maybe? Is that a definitive answer to your question? 😜

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      • That’s not what I meant. I thought you were going to post food photos. I did not mean to offend. Sorry.

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      • No, no! Please! You didn’t offend me at all! I wasn’t following. Not sure I’ve even taken shots of the food. I’m sorry if I implied you’d offended me. I’m unoffendeable! Wait! Is that a word? Trust me, you still rock mon amie! Has that band simmered down yet?


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