Food for the soul

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 30 2015

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My soul hungers, for lots of things.  It craves being on, in, and near water, both fresh and salt.  I can’t not have a camera with me at ALL times, be it my phone, a snap and shoot, or full-on 35mm with all the accessories.  I am near giddy as I tote load after load, like an ant ferrying bread crumbs, from the house to the car in preparation for travels.  It longs for the peace and serenity of our home in the country. Spending time with my wife and boys, and with my closest friends?  Definitely feeds me.

But there is another, more generalized morsel of soul sustinance: the arts.  All of them.  From the powerful images and dramatic scenes created in writing.  The optic stimulation and thought provocation of paint in the hands of visionaries.  To the use of hands to mold soil and mineral into lifelike recreations or pride inducing monuments.  And the photography that requires understanding of light and nuance, combined with perspective and timing.

The medium that “speaks” to my soul while making it dinner, though, is music.  I’m not a musician.  I’ve taught myself some chords on an acoustic 6-string.  I can play a bit.  But, whereas photography is the medium I participate in, music is the one I’m a spectator of, rabidly so.  What other art form can tell a story in less than 4 minutes?  And make you cry, laugh, move involuntarily, sing at the top of your lungs even if you couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, and have memories flood over you like a waterfall.  Music can transport you to a past time or give you hope for the future.  It can help you survive tumultuous times or thoroughly enjoy happier ones.  It has healing power as if it were grown in the canopy of a South American rainforest.  Music is amazing.

I wish I had that innate, god-given talent to affect someone so powerfully, yet in relatively short spurts, unless you write 10-minute sagas like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd that is.  And I love Zeppelin and Pink Floyd very much, along with countless other well-known bands and hidden gems that not everyone has had the pleasure of discovering yet.  I admire, ok I’m jealous of, those who can make guitars weep, write lyrics that make us weep, and create sounds that resonate with generations, fuel revolutions, and bestow us with an art form that becomes a timeline for our trips around the sun.  Anyone who’s a musician that may see this, thank you. Thank you for humanity’s gift.  I have spent thousands of dollars on records, cd’s, and concert tickets over the years, with no real end to that in sight.  In honor of y’all, and those of us wannabe, try to be, love-to-listen-to-thee music fans, here’s a couple to remind you that we are out here and we are listening:

“Vinyl Records” by Todd Snider

“All Your Favorite Bands” by Dawes

15 comments on “Food for the soul”

  1. Wow! You and I are a LOT alike! I have seen well over 250 musicians and bands live in concerts, bars, at fairs, etc. In fact… I think if I added it all up, I have probably seen more like 500 or so. I feed on music…

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