Chicago? It’s my kinda town.

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 02 2015

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imageWhat a great weekend in the Second City!  Chicago is very special to us.  I asked my wife out for the first time during our initial trip here 23 years ago.  We were up here to visit my friend Andy.  He had moved here the summer before that September in 1993, and had nearly convinced me to move here as well.  Then I started dating J, and the rest is history.  I never did move here, but it’s been like a second home to us for years.  On one of these many trips North, I proposed to J, in the observation floor of the Hancock Tower.  It was unexpected, I sufficiently embarrassed her when she turned to see me on bended knee.  It was great!  She cried, I felt re-born, and dozens of people clapped and cheered.  It was pretty cool.

Now, this is “our” city, to J and I.  We have held off on bringing the boys here with us.  Even after they were of an age to enjoy all that this place offers, we still reserved it for “us”.  We’d have romantic getaways, come up for concerts, or just general debauchery with Rush and Division or Lincoln Parks myriad pubs.  Not usually kid-friendly activities.  But, this trip was more for them than us.  We wanted to introduce  the boys to this place that was, technically, the beginning of them as well.  We rode trains, scaled the Hancock, explored Lincoln Park and the Magnificent Mile, took a tour of the river, enjoyed fireworks from a boat with Navy Pier and this amazing skyline as a backdrop.  And, we hung with a great friend.  All in all, it was a terrific weekend, much fun was had, awed expressions on children’s faces were created, and my wife and I spent time in one of our most special places.  Yep, this is my kinda town!

10 comments on “Chicago? It’s my kinda town.”

  1. Haven’t been here in such a long time! Such memories…

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  2. ….and Fall and Spring are the best times to visit! It’s not so dreary (as in winter) or hot (as in here lately) haha! Glad you have great memories here and I respect that you kept it to the two of you for awhile. >ToLife<

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