Tick Tock

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 05 2015

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My god!  Where does the time go?  It seems as though the summer flew by, and today the boys headed back to school, oldest in 7thgrade and the twins into 5th.  And it’s not just this summer that has seemingly floated by.  Hell, the last 8 years have been a blur.

I can recall the first day that my oldest started preschool.  He was so little, so innocent.  We were terrified to let him go, worried that a mere baby, with autism no less, would be eaten alive by the big bad world.  Then came the twins starting preschool two years later.  They’ve always been balls-to-the-wall so we worried less about them.  But still, it began the saga of years flying past, advancing grades year to year, and, thus, advancing age on them and, more sobering, on us!

My babies are no longer babies.  They’ve grown into fine young men.  They are still wild and exceptionally loud.  But, they are kind, polite, sweet, caring, and good hearted.  They are smart, funny, give terrific hugs, and they are very easy to love.  They make friends easy, they are excited by life, and they love living it.  I couldn’t have asked for better kids.  They look mostly like me but they got their moms big eyes, big personality, and her never-met-a-stranger personas.  They are my world and watching them grow into the men they’ll become has been a gift.  I’m as proud of them as any dad could possibly be, and I love showing them off to everybody.

But each passing summer, and subsequent onset of the new school year, brings a bit of melancholy.  They aren’t my little scooter, bean, and moe moe anymore.  The pattering of little feet has become the thumps and thuds of bigger ones.  They are starting to get hair on their legs, and other places soon.  They are becoming more interested in hanging with friends and noticing girls, which means they won’t be in my back pocket as much.  The oldest is beginning to acquire a change in his voice.  I will soon have to initiate “the talk” in earnest.  I can’t hardly pick em up to carry them to bed, toss them into a pool, or to pretend they’re an airplane anymore.  Soon they won’t want to snuggle on the couch, be tucked in, or have me act like a fool while playing out bedtime stories.  My babies are growing up, and each new school year brings that sobering reality to the side of my head like a brick.

I understand life, and them getting older.  I appreciate their growth as little men, and look forward to what they’ll become in the years ahead.  I relish giving dating advice, college tours, and meeting the women they fall in love with.  But I will always miss the little days.  The diapers, first words, first steps, first sight of the ocean, all of their firsts.  There are more firsts to come of course, but those baby and toddler years are so precious.  I’ve certainly been blessed with many things in my life.  But these boys, and the woman I created them with, are the biggest blessings any man could hope for.  In that light, my song of the day is:

“Blessed To Be A Witness” by Ben Harper

5 comments on “Tick Tock”

  1. Yes, time flies by faster for every year I think. I haven’t even begin life and half of it has already passed, but I’m grateful to life anyway 🙂

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  2. You have some good looking boys. Keep enjoying them, they are so blessed to have a caring dad like you.

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