Junker’s Delight!

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 08 2015

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Here we go boys and girls.  It’s 127 Yard Sale time again.  Billed as “The Worlds Longest” yard sale, it covers nearly 700 miles from Michigan to Alabama.  It’s unreal and if you are a junker, picker, reseller, collector, or restorer, this is the place to be.  There’s an incredible variety of stuff, from old toys and trinkets to Indian motorcycles and Bambi Airstreams for sale.  Pastures are turned into flea markets and parking lots.  You’ll see license plates from all over the country, and talk to some of the most interesting people you’d ever want to meet.  We usually start in Lawrenceburg, KY and work our way south into Tennessee.  It’s an exhausting foray into the world of treasure hunting, but as fun and interesting a couple of days as is possible.  Hell, even my pre-teen boys love it and mark it on their calendars.  We’ve taught them the fine art of bartering and how to take a pass if the vendor isn’t willing to do so.

The only bad part about this years event is that I’ll be missing a Citizen Cope show in Louisville tonight.  So, in honor of that missed opportunity, my songs of the day are two of my favorites by him:

“Bullet And A Target”


“Hurricane Waters”

Let the junkin’ begin!

29 comments on “Junker’s Delight!”

  1. This is interesting it starts from Kentucky you say and ends in Tennessee?

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    • Actually, I believe it’s expanded now, starting in either Ohio or Michigan and traverses Kentucky, Tennessee, and part of Alabama. We only are able to start in lawrenceburg, ky, which is about an hour east of our home, and get just into Tennessee. By that time we are exhausted and hot and have a 3hour or so drive back home. We’ve never covered all 700 miles but some do. There are fields setup with vendors under tents and spread out all over the grass, people having yard sales at heir homes, or setup in large arenas normally used for livestock shows and such. It’s quite the spectacle!

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      • That’s exciting ! Hmm, it’s a distance from me so maybe I can add this to my bucket list. Its mainly yard sales you say? Is it like a huge flea market? Btw did you take any pictures?

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      • It’s exactly that, thousands of them. All along the route. I didn’t this time as we were wrangling kids and crowds. Check it out online though. It’s pretty fun.

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  2. Adding this to my bucket list, I love snooping for treasures ☺

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    • This would be right up your alley. Not sure where you’re located but it goes from Michigan (I think it’s up there now) to Alabama. It’s only a once a year thing though. First full week in August. Be prepared for heat, traffic, and masses of humanity though.

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      • Thanks for the warning! ☺ I may or may not mention this to my hubby who is a bigger hoarder than I am ☺ It would be quite the trek for us, 24 hours according to the map app. Maybe one day…

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      • Geez! 24 hour drive? I’ve done a few of those in my youth. If y’all do it, it sounds like a trailer may be in order! You wouldn’t be the only ones with one, I can promise ya that.

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      • Yes also a part of my bucket list ☺ we purchased one last summer! The dreams that can come true with a set of tires and a house that you can pull behind you. ☺ Just haven’t checked the propane lines yet…how does one do that safely?

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      • Not sure. We have a little camper too, an old Fleetwood wilderness from the 70’s. I took it to Camping World for a once over right after we bought it, but that was 10 years ago. Do you have one near you?

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      • Interesting concept ☺ but sadly, nothing close. We were hoping someone might want to sacrifice themselves, just in case. ☺ you know, park it in the middle of a field and light a match…😉

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      • Maybe a crappy neighbor? With mine, I turn the propane on then I have light it manually. It’ll take a sec for the gas to reach the burner.
        You might try just Turing it on and listening for a hiss, or wet the lines to see if they bubble, if you have access to them. Doing a google search may be helpful too, chat room for campers sort of thing. It’s likely fine, but you may want to have that crappy neighbor light it first time. 😃

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      • Haha! That really made me laugh! Thanks for the advice and the conversation ☺

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  3. That sounds incredibly cool! How do u stop looking? Lol

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  4. I like your word choices. It gives you a writing style. I think scientists can be truly wordy imo


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