I need more paper.

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 09 2015

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I love Paul Simon.  All of his incarnations, from Simon and Garfunkel to his long solo career.  He is a talented song writer, a master guitarist, and is as laid back and approachable as any mega star could be.  The dude is one talented mo fo.  He doesn’t seem to relish the spotlight but is quick to be a voice for a cause when asked.  I have a ton of his music on both CD’s and my iPod.  But I heard a song of his yesterday that I wasn’t familiar with.  It’s called “Rewrite”.  It’s a beautiful song and got me thinking about how we all change our story from time to time.

I have ripped pages out and wadded them up in a ball.  Slipped new paper in and began a new chapter with new titles. As I’m sure we all have.  Losing a terrific friend to suicide?  Rewrite.  Meeting my wife?  Definite rewrite!!  Having kids, one with Autism and high-risk preemie twins?  REWRITE!!!  Losing my grandfather and my wife’s mom in the span of about 2 weeks?  Rewrite.  You get the picture.  There are always significant events that lead us to change our course, to rip the page from the typewriter (showing my age here), and wad it up.  It’s never ending it seems.  And if one doesn’t like change, life will most assuredly be a bitch!

I used to hate those changes, the curve balls life throws us.  Why?  Fear!  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of rejection, heartache, embarrassment, and ridicule.  Why?  Was it better to pass up opportunities rather than accept risk of failure?  Nope!  Sometimes, a rewrite becomes necessary even if not desired.  Besides, to steal a Tom Petty lyric, most things I worried about never happened anyway.  Now, I take that step to the ledge, and leap.  Makes me wonder what I was waiting for.  I’m still scared at times, about change, but that fear doesn’t rule me.  I can and will rip that page out, wad it up, and shred it.  I can and will take my story, embrace those changes, and create new chapters as I go.  I will not let my fear, nor what others think my story should say, dictate the path my characters take.  After all, it’s my story, not theirs.  Every now and then, a rewrite is a gift to yourself.

Song of the day:

“Rewrite” by Paul Simon

14 comments on “I need more paper.”

  1. They made some great music together, there was a special on PBS last night with Simon and Garfunkel, one of their old concerts in the park….enjoyed listening to them..I love the thought of rewrite… I am going to go to u tube and listen to that song….thanks…..

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  2. You are totally right. Don’t let fear rule your life. I did for a long time, but that was too boring. Nothing new happened 🙂

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    • Bingo. I used to let it govern me as well, mostly in terms of interpersonal relationships. I’ve always been a bit reckless with my hobbies and activities, and it’s a minor miracle I’ve survived this long. But with the people I love I wasn’t always balls to the wall. Starting a few years ago, I’ve made that change to go all in. Not looking back now. And it’s paid off!

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  3. You can’t fly if life doesn’t shove you out of the nest, right?

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  4. We can always rewrite our life. Its just a matter of choosing to do so.

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    • That seems to be the hard part doesn’t it. I agree that we hold the key, just a matter of realizing it. You ok lately?

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      • Yes I’m okay. Thank you for asking 🙂 Haven’t been blogging lately because I’m trying to work or rather an a new skill to my life. I call it my new project. I do realize we hold the key. Its just a matter of utilizing the use of the key to your own life.

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