Fake Juice

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 11 2015

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My wife was on Facebook at lunch and she noted a post from one of my nephews.  It was the pic above with him lamenting the differences between true musical genius and those that feel the need to spout off about how awesome they are to anyone who will listen. He’s right!

And it’s not just in terms of musicians.  I’m sure we all know people who constantly have to remind us about how great they are, how superior they are, and how innovative they are.  I prefer those that are humble, that are amazing at what they do but don’t have to incessantly remind me of their prowess.  Those that simply do a great job and don’t expect to be coddled and promoted at every turn.  Those who do good deeds, sometimes anonymously, and don’t desire the fanfare and applause for doing so.  Those who don’t require constant affirmation of their abilities and actions.  Those who behave and/or perform in an admirable manner, even when nobody is watching. This world has enough individuals who self-promote and glorify their existence.  Just watch any reality tv show, in particular the damn narcissistic and egomaniacal Kardashian clan, for proof of this shit.  It takes more than showing off ones ass and picking out clothes to be considered talented and admired, at least in my opinion.  Who watches this crap?!?

And let’s not get into politics.  These cats have made careers out of simply self-promoting themselves as knowing what’s best for us, yet doing nothing unless it benefits them. They are sooooo superior to the lowly common folk they represent.  They must really think we are idiots, just waiting for the good shepherds they think they are to lead us to the promised land.  Of course, every time one of these assholes is re-elected we just reaffirm their self-importance to themselves.

I’ve been asked recently to take a blogging challenge.  Pick 10 things I hate and 10 things I love.  I’m still mulling over those lists.  But I can assure you that egotistical, self-promoting, pompous asshats will make the top 3 of my most hated list.  The Kardashian clan may be número uno! I’ll retreat from the soapbox now so someone else can go on a rant of their own.  But, before I do, let me say this:  Kanye, you are no Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney or John Lennon, no Stevie Ray Vaughn, no Leonard Cohen, no Chrissy Hine, no Sam Bush, etc.  You’re a musical genius?  Pfft!  If you were, you wouldn’t have to tell us.  So, please, for the love of God, quit serving up your fake juice!

15 comments on “Fake Juice”

  1. I have heard that the Hendrix guy really is a nice person.

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  2. My dad always said, “If you have to remind them how good you are…you usually aren’t”!

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