Today, I’m a little bit country!

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 11 2015

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I am mostly Rock n’ Roll, but some days I’m a little bit country.  I love all genre of music, and my collection includes everything from classical to hard-core rap.  But today, I’m feeling my Kentucky roots.  After all, this is the home of moonshinin’ Bluegrassin’ and bourbon distillin’.  And no, before anyone asks, my dog didn’t die, my wife didn’t run off with anybody, and my crops aren’t sufferin’ from drought.  These aren’t exactly Conway or Merle country, but country nonetheless.  And sometimes I just have a thang for that twang!

Songs of the day:

“Burn This Town Down” by Roseanne Cash

“Can’t Let Go” by Lucinda Williams

“Can’t Stop Now” by New Grass Revival

“Church” by Lyle Lovett

“Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle

15 comments on “Today, I’m a little bit country!”

  1. Thanks for the new tunes ☺ would you believe I never heard Roseanne Cash before today?

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  2. Our band does One More Last Chance on occasion. I’m not a country gal but it sure is fun to sing….

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