Kind of a funny story

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 13 2015

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Being that we live about 35 miles outside the city, my commute takes about an hour.  It’s primarily due to traffic vs. distance.  I don’t really mind it though, it gives me a chance to ease into my day in the morning and decompress from it on my way home.  We are very lucky here in that we have a terrific NPR station, well, actually 3.  One plays news, one plays classical music, and the other, the one listen to the most, plays awesome music.  Everything from new and undiscovered bands to old standards that everyone knows.  It’s commercial free and their playlist isn’t dictated by anything but what they choose to play.  The morning and afternoon DJ’s are both terrific.

Anyway, the morning guy usually has interesting stories about artists and plays songs of theirs when a given date is significant to their careers or songs, etc.  This morning he was telling a story I wasn’t familiar with.  It may be common knowledge but I had never heard it.  And it’s kinda bizarre.  Here it is:

On this date in 1984 (I think that’s the year he mentioned), Todd Rundgren was at his home in Woodstock, NY.  He and 4 friends were bound and gagged during a home invasion.  After the the robber tied them up, and as he pilfered his belongings, the guy serenaded them with one of his hits (anyone over the age of 40 knows this song well, I’m sure).  So in honor of this dubious anniversary, my song of the day is:

“I Saw The Light” by Todd Rundgren

I had to chuckle at the image of this.  This famous musician, tied up and gagged, watching this guy rifle through his stuff.  All the while the guy is singing, likely way off key, HIS song to him!  I’m sure it was traumatic, but I found it a bit hilarious picturing the scene unfolding.  Maybe I have a twisted sense of humor.  Oh well.

3 comments on “Kind of a funny story”

  1. An unusual survival instinct…. 🙂

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  2. Lol that’s horrible but yes also funny. Have a great day!

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