Plate of hate with a side of you suck: Part 1

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 16 2015

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I was nominated to accept a challenge from a fellow blogger recently.  This blogger, KatieComeBack, is exceptionally funny and their life with kids sounds eerily similar to mine.  Anyway, the challenge was to list 10 things you hate and 10 things you love.  I’m a bad-news-first kinda guy, so I thought I’d start with the things I hate initially.  Oh, and by the way, these are in no particular order.

  1.  I hate it when people drive slowly in the fast lane.  It’s called the fast lane for a reason.  Hell, there’s even these bright yellow reflective signs along most interstates that say, “KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS”.  That means, you stay in the right lane unless you are going to pass someone, not go under the speed limit.  Please, if others are wanting to go 75-80 mph but you want to go 65-70, for the love of all things sacred, MOVE OVER!!!.  Thank you in advance.
  2. Pretentiousness!  I hate the notion of putting on a show, drawing an excessive amount of attention to one’s self or one’s things, and presenting one’s self as better than or above anyone and everyone else. To me, people are people, no matter their socioeconomic, cultural, or racial backgrounds.  Where your birthplace is, what religion you are, what sex you are?  Shouldn’t matter.  You and I and every other homosapien should be treated with respect and kindness in turn.  Not be insulted by, denigrated by, and dismissed as lowly by some narcissistic, over inflated bag of holier than thou.
  3. Speaking of narcissistic and inflated bags, the next thing I hate is “reality” TV.  In particular, the Kardashians.  Who’s “reality” are we talking about?  There’s nothing real about any of this load of dung.  It’s funny that making a sex tape and having it mysteriously appear in the publics eye has led to millions of viewers and dollars.  And for what?  Who hasn’t made a sex tape?  Your neighbors have probably broken out the camcorder and tripod too.  Big fucking deal (pardon the pun)!  Survivor, Big Brother, Real World?  Crap I say!  Crap!!!  Do you get to live in a beautiful house, for free, sleep with at least one of your 7 roommates, then bitch at a select few of them for 8 weeks or so?  Then become semi-famous for doing so? I assume not.  The “real” world is a bit more mundane.
  4. Oh, and for more narcissism, pretentiousness and inflated bags of holier than thou, the next ingredient in this hate cake would have to be politicians.  Who doesn’t hate them and the patronizing way they convince their loyal and sheep-like constituents to continually send them to Capital Hill with wallets as big as their heads.  Us lowly little peons.  Poor us!  Where would we be without their brilliance and visionary leadership?  Probably with an intact ozone layer, affordable solar power, and healthcare, and world peace.  Well gollee fellas, thanks so much!  For nothing!
  5. I hate a certain rival of my fine alma mater, an in-state adversary that ruffles the feathers of anyone who bleeds red.  An institution that may or may not where blue and white.  A facilitator of higher learning whose fan base is as ignorant and dismissive of reality as politicians are.  A school that has produced and created new ways to lose football games and chokes away title games in NCAA hoops. A school who would hire a head basketball coach that has had two Final Four appearances stripped from two different schools for rules violations.  A school that has been placed on probation so many times over the years that there should be an NCAA investigative office set up on campus.  What other school has an NCAA compliance director that casual fans could name.  I hate your school, your mascot, and your fans.
  6. I hate people who abuse anyone or anything that is defenseless.  A child, an animal, the elderly.  Any person who could be cruel or cause harm to someone unable to defend themselves is lower than low.  Cowardly!  Pick on someone your own size!
  7. I hate waiting.  I’m not a super patient person, as you may have deduced from that last sentence.  But I can be patiet at times.  I can resist peeking at gifts early, I can work with an Alzheimer’s patient for an hour and a half with no difficulty,  etc.  But waiting in lines and being stuck in traffic is the worst intruder on my ability to be patient.
  8. I hate hatred.  Of any kind.  I realize it sounds cliche, but can’t we all just get along?
  9. I hate automated phone calls.  Trying to pay a bill, reach customer service, or get a technical question answered is nearly impossible with the robotic and monotone,  “push this button” or that.  It’s a ridiculous display of cost cutting and shitty customer service.
  10. I hate leaving the beach!  If I were doing this in sequential order, this may be my number one hate.  I go out just before leaving to say my goodbyes.  I swear I nearly tear up pulling away from the place we rent or sitting on the ferry and watching Silver Lake Harbor disappear into the horizon. Our goal is to pay our house off by the time the boys head off for college.  Then, once we get them settled, buy a cottage on, preferably, Ocracoke. I would take any number of other coastlines we enjoy.  But, for now, we are fortunate to be able to visit the coast frequently.  But I hate having to leave it.

So, there you have it.  I’ve done the negative half first.  It was surprisingly difficult.   I’ve found that there really isn’t that much that I hate.  I’m sure I’ve left some off but this is what I came up with.  Part two will be things I love.  It’ll be even more difficult doing that list.  How will I narrow it down to just 10?

25 comments on “Plate of hate with a side of you suck: Part 1”

  1. I love you list. I agree with pretty much all of them. Traffic I’ve only begun to be annoyed and that’s only because I’ve started driving out further (mini road trips.) I can’t wait for your love list 🙂

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  2. You had me at #1! 🙂

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  3. She’s a lucky women. They are lucky kids, love your zest for life…. Kat

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  4. What about the hatred of hatred of any kind? 😅

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  5. ‘It’s funny that making a sex tape and having it mysteriously appear in the publics eye has led to millions of viewers and dollars. And for what? Who hasn’t made a sex tape? Your neighbors have probably broken out the camcorder and tripod too.’ That made me laugh a lot. Hope you don’t mind me looking through your older stuff.

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