Love is all we need: part 2

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 18 2015

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Ok, so as part of this challenge, issued by KatieComeBack.  I had to select 10 things I hate and 10 things I love.  I’ve posted the 10 things I hate, and had a surprisingly difficult time coming up with those.  I guess I really don’t hate many things.  Anyway, today I’ll be compiling a list of 10 things I love.  It’ll be hard to limit this list to just 10 things, but here goes:

  1. I love my wife!  I adore this woman, with passion and fire, compassion and empathy, with a depth and intensity that I never knew I was capable of…until her.  She’s always known I’ve loved her. And it was as close to at-first-sight as possible.  I actually knew her, by chance meeting, for about a year before we started dating.  At the time I met her, she was engaged to someone else.  So I didn’t give “us” much thought.  A year or so later, I  sort of invited myself to tag along on an impromptu trip to Chicago with her and another of my friends’ girlfriends.  While there, I discovered that she was available.  We jostled around the bush for a time, I even shared an air mattress in the living room floor of Andy’s apartment while up there.  I was a perfect gentleman, but we were so close in that tiny little bed that I could feel her breath against my face.  I remember being paralyzed, with unsuredness and wanting.  I couldn’t sleep at all.  I wanted her…instinctively!  I’d never felt anything like that in my life!  Fireworks, fluttering heart, breath taken away.  I was toast at that point.  I had to pursue her.  And I did, asking her to go on a date with me once we returned home.  It was the very next night after sharing that mattress.  We’ve been together ever since, 23 years now, married 19 of those.  As I would later find out from her, she felt the same way that night on the too-small-for-two crappy little mattress.  She had wanted me to kiss her that night, like she’d not wanted to kiss anyone before.  She was as drawn to me as I was to her.  It was intense!  We’ve had our trials and tribulations, to be sure, and, some have told us, more than our fair share of those.  But we are one, we are a team, and we are unable to fathom an existence that doesn’t include us both.  I love this woman…I can’t express it enough.  Words are not found that can accurately describe it.  But I tell her and show her daily, even more thoroughly now.
  2. I love my children.  It’s a love every bit as intense and all-consuming as the love I have for their mom.  It’s different, obviously, but crashes over me in waves like my love for J does.  It overwhelms me sometimes.  I have loved each and every stage and the little men they are becoming.  I love seeing their smiles, hearing their laughs, and easing their pains.  I love teaching them, and learning from them.  I love showing them new places and faces.  They are my world and my priority.
  3. I love photography.  I love taking my own photos and admiring others’.  I am the rare individual that really wants to see your vacation pics.  I love looking through all of the pics I’ve taken over the years, in the tens of thousands and counting.  These are my most precious non-wife or kids possessions.  In case of fire, these are what’s being grabbed first.  They are the story of my life and the life my wife and I have created together.  I always have a camera with me, and I’ll snap a shot of anything I find interesting.  My kids and my wife are my favorite subjects though
  4. I love the ocean!  I love smelling it, the taste of it on my lips, the residue it leaves on my skin.  I love swimming it, paddling across it, sailing on it, playing in its waves, and catching fish from it.  It centers me, heals me, and feeds my soul.  It’s a joyous day when arriving near it, and a depressing day when leaving it.  I hope to live and save long enough to live near it, and the sooner the better!
  5. I love music.  I love all styles and genre , and have a vast collection of vinyl, cd’s, and digital.  I love being introduced to new music and introducing others to it as well.  I love that it sets my moods, enhances them, and alters them.  I love seeing live performances and have seen thousands of shows, traveling great distances to do so at times. It is the timeline of my life and has the ability to transport me to another moment in time in 5 bars or less.  It is another staple in the pantry for my soul.
  6. I love the outdoors.  My passion is kayaking, primarily whitewater, of any kind.  There is literally nothing on earth to compare with the sensory overload of seeing the rolling water and giant boulders, hearing the roar of a raging river, feeling the frigid temps of the mountain runoff, and the rush of feeling somewhat out of control at a high rate of speed while avoiding those  giant boulders. I love hiking the trails of Pisgah National Forest, the Appalachian Trail, and the Red River Gorge, going backcountry and roughing it.  I love the view from atop a mountain peak and the maze of a salt marsh at sea level.  Nature is awe inspiring and provides me a sense of my place in it.  More food for the soul
  7. I love to travel.  Anywhere.  I love the months of planning and I love being impromptu.  I love the anticipation and packing.  I love going somewhere I’ve never been, seeking adventure, discovering something new and wonderous.  I love experiencing new cultures and people and food.  I love immersing myself in the non-touristy parts of places, the real pulse of a place, not just the standard itenerary.  I love getting lost, taking the path less traveled, and going off course.
  8. I love being a dad.  I relish the responsibility and sense of duty.  I love the nature of molding and shaping a little human into an incredible individual.  I love all of the emotions tied to being a dad, from joy and pride to angst and concern.  All of it.  I can’t believe we debated on whether to become parents for so long, and I couldn’t be happier that we decided to do so.  It’s not easy, but oh so rewarding.  Any sperm donor can become a father, but I relish being their “dad”.  They are my legacy, my reason to, and they have given my life purpose.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve.
  9. I love my work.  I feel as though I truly make a difference in people’s lives.  I give them hope and confidence.  I help heal them, physically and mentally.  It gives me great satisfaction to watch a patient transform from scared, unsure, and fragile upon admission to confident, independent, and strong upon discharge.  Of course, not every patient is a success story, and these really wear on conscience.  But I love that, even when not completely successful, I care.  I want to give them my best, I want help them, and I empathize with them when things don’t go well.  This career has opened up my emotional bank and given me the gift of assisting others, hoping for others, and caring for others.
  10. I love life.  It’s obviously not always rainbows and butterflies.  My life wasn’t easy from a young age, as is the case for countless other people.  But I am blessed with a loving wife, 3beautiful boys, terrific friends, health, a home in the country with immaculate views of the countryside and wide skies.  I laugh, smile, hurt and cry, feel pride and pain, have hopes and dreams, disappointments and despair.  I’ve felt rushes of excitement and ebbs of dullness. I have been given great gifts and had everything taken away.  Its quite the ride, these trips around the sun.  But I’ve loved every minute of it, good and bad, because its mine.  My parents aren’t great but I’m eternally grateful to them for providing the greatest gift possible: life.

On the note of #10, I’ll make my song of the day:

“Full Catastrophe of Life” by John Mellancamp.

So, there’s part 2 of this challenge.  I’m certain I’ve left things off today’s list.  It’s nearly impossible to pick only 10 things I love.  But there you have it.  Part 3 is for me to nominate a few others to do this. So, here are a couple of peeps that I’ve enjoyed reading:

  1. Annas Art
  2. Melanie (DoesItEvenMatterWhoIReallyAm?)
  3. listentothebabe
  4. emmagc75
  5. Sabiscuit’s Catalog
  6. honestme363

Hope you guys take part in this.  I’d love to see your answers.  If not, no biggie.  Up to y’all.

13 comments on “Love is all we need: part 2”

  1. That was a wonderful read, heartfelt and dream like. I enjoyed it immensely ☺

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  2. Wow, what a great love-list. Thanks for nomination. If I can find time to do this lists I will do it. Your list inspires me 🙂

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  3. Bravo! Wild applause!

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  4. So very sweet, esp no. 1.

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