Led For The Head

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 20 2015

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Today is Robert Plant’s birthday.  He’s one of musics icons, front man for arguably the greatest band ever, has had a long solo career, and has worked with numerous other artists.  He’s a rock n’ roll god.  So many choices, how do I pick?  I could choose any number of songs in his honor but I’ll limit it to a few.  Feel free to add to the playlist, there’s lots of options!

“No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin

” What Is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin

“Come Into My Life” by Robert Plant

“Fortuneteller” by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss

30 comments on “Led For The Head”

  1. Ooo! He sounds interesting! I have a very weird and random taste in music so it’s not really surprising that I have no idea who he is. I’ll take your advice and listen to one of his songs though. 🙂

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    • I recommend it. Any Led Zeppelin album will work, they’re all amazing. His solo stuff has been good to, but the album “Raising Sand” with him and Allison Krauss is terrific. Check it out. He really is an icon.


  2. Thanks for the tunes, as always ☺ a great way to spend his birthday ☺

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  3. I love Led Zeppelin…when my daughter was born, that is all I played,, I guess it sunk in, she is 38 and they are her favorites of all times…saw them in San Francisco back in the 70’s…..great concert…

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    • Ooh! I’m jealous! There’s been talk of a reunion tour, but Robert Plant is saying no. I’d be first in line!

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      • you have to go…..it was a memory to treasure…I have always wanted to see Sting and never made it…I spent about 3 years going to all the concerts I could…way back when….I just went to the rolling stones in San Jose, wow guess its been 2 years now, my son in law took me….couldn’t believe how active and well Mick did at 70…LOL pretty impressive…

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      • God, I wish I had all the money I’ve spent on concerts over the years. I’ve seen most of the standards, from the Police to ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac, etc. But Zeppelin? That’s the unicorn!


      • Yes seen all them, Queen was up there, my favorite one that touched me was John cougar mellencamp….he really put his soul into his music… I went to the US festival down in LA when they had it…Grateful Dead played for over 8 hours, we had to leave during it…that was a fun time, Steve Jobs hosted it when he was just starting out with Apple….

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      • That’s awesome! I’ve seen and love Mellencamp too. Seen him a few times. Once at Indiana University’s football stadium. Great performer and über talented. Such a “storyteller”.


      • I think my most favorite really, now that you have my brain awake and in memory lane is Carlos Santana, I can’t count how many times I have seen him….no matter what he puts on a great concert and I so get his music….

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      • Saw him at Bonaroo years ago. You’re right, terrific.


  4. Wow! Can u imagine seeing them in concert? That would be the ultimate bucket list item lol

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