“L” Yeah!

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 21 2015

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imageGot home yesterday and checked the mail as usual.  In the stack is a big white envelope with a big U of L cardinal head on it.  Yep, season tix (football) arrived yesterday.  The season is upon us.  Opening game is Labor Day weekend vs Auburn University in Atlanta.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not necessarily a “jock”.  Sports isn’t the only thing I have an opinion on.  I don’t have Sportscenter playing on a loop.  I don’t plan my life around game times and schedules.  I’m a sports fan, but not a fanatic.  Played a bit of baseball and golf in high school, but I always hung with the non-athlete crowd in my off-field time.  College was the same, hanging with hippies and country boys, hipsters and musicians.

But, when college football arrives, I’m giddy.  It’s a great time of year and I see all of my friends, their wives (or girlfriends’ of the month), their kids, several times in a month or two.  It’s fall weather, crisp air turning crisper in November.  It’s pageantry and tradition.  It’s mascots and shirtless 19 year old dudes in rain and snow and 20 degree temps.  It’s tailgating, grilling, cornhole, frisbees and footballs, it’s everyone in the same colors, united against a common foe.  It’s marching bands, alma maters, and fight songs.  It’s the roar of the crowd and in-chorus cheers.  It’s having barbecue and beers under the shade of the awning of a camper.  It’s charcoal and touch football, old stories told and new ones created.

I realize most of you reading this probably don’t give a shit about college football, or my beloved Cardinals.  But we do, and I do, a great deal.  I can’t fully explain why a group of people latch onto a team or school.  And with such passion and support.  But we do.  And have for the better part of 25 years.  Same seats, same friends, every year, like clockwork.  So please allow me this diversion from the seriousness of existence.  Allow me to  indulge in this frivolous entertainment for 12-14 Saturdays out of the year.

In honor of football season approaching, I’ll use a song that is a tradition of the PA announcer.  he plays it just before pivotal defensive plays and the start of the second half.  It’s loud and meant to get the crowd hyped up a bit.  It usually works!

“Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes

And just because its so awesome, I’ll add the cover of the White Stripes original:

“Seven Nation Army” by Nostalgia 77

And as always, Go CARDS!

5 comments on ““L” Yeah!”

  1. Great post! And I love that song.

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  2. Like the Cardinals well enough however college any ball is not for me….enjoy your year…

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