Last call

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 23 2015

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I have an app on my phone that gives me on-this-date music info, birthdays, trivia, etc.  Thought this tidbit was interesting: On this date, August 23, 1970, the Velvet Underground played their last show at Max’s Kansas City, a club in New York City.  I can’t say I’m a huge Velvet Underground fan, but they were very influential.  Oh, and they were produced by Andy Warhol, so there’s that too.  And it is the band that launched Lou Reed’s solo career.  He was an interesting dude.  He died in 2013, but had a several decade career as a solo artist.  I’ve read that his parents subjected him to electroshock therapy as a teen to “rid him of homosexual tendencies”, and that after he quit the VU, he worked for his dad as a typist for a year before getting signed to a label.  And supposedly he and David Bowie got into a fight at dinner once.  He was a rebel, a free spirit in creating what HE wanted to do, and VU was an integral forerunner to “art” rock, punk and eventually “alternative” rock.  He was a song writer, an author, and even appeared in film and TV.  He was born in Brooklyn and New York certainly influenced his lyrics and attitude.  Pretty cool guy.  So, today I’ll go with Lou Reed, with a Velvet Underground song thrown in, for my songs of the day.  He’s a bit of an acquired taste I think, so have a listen if ya want.

“Sweet Jane” by Lou Reed

“Coney Island Baby” by Lou Reed

“Oh! Sweet Nothin'” by the Velvet Underground

“Romeo Had Juliette” by Lou Reed

“Dirty Blvd” by Lou Reed

and, of course,

“Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed

18 comments on “Last call”

  1. 1970 is a very good year 😉

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  2. A lot of electroshock therapy was done back then, same with lobotomy. One of the Kennedy children had this done to her.

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  3. My college roommate was obsessed with two things – Kevin Costner and
    Lou Reed. Thank goodness I appreciated one of them 😉 I still play Lou’s music on rotation and always think of my roommate when it plays.

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    • He was an interesting dude, huh? Very lone wolf, up yours if you don’t like it kind of artist. I admire that quality and that’s why I chose the pic I did to accompany the post. He’d be quick with a FU! to anyone who peeved him.

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    • By the way, do you post? I’d like to follow you but it doesn’t give me that option.


      • No, I don’t. The pressure of “having” to write is not something I want. At least not right now. I finally decided to stop blurking and start commenting because of how much I appreciate the knowledge and experience of the bloggers/commenters that have (unknowingly) helped me. For better or worse, the world is a small place.

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      • I can dig that. I lurked for a while before doing this. Not sure how long I’ll continue to. So far so good. If ya ever decide to, I’ll be on your list of followers. Keep commenting, appreciate the conversation.

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  4. The VU was the beginning of modern music. Yes Lou Reed had received 22 electrochocs treatments for ”homsexual THOUGHTS ( I think he was around 17 years old) but mainly because he was in a rock’n.Roll band, which was back then considered to be a disgrace for WHITE people. It took him 2 years to be able to read a book. Nevertheless he grew up to become the man we know. His spirit remained intact, until the end. Bowie produced his first solo album ”Transformer”, considered by many one of the most significant album of all times. John Cale produced Niko’s first album and also The Stooges first album. The VU require a certain time before they ”grow on” to you but they certainly are my all time favorite band not far up above The Stooges.. TY for that post for his memory. He died not long ago and it was a huge lost for rock’n’roll. I strongly recommend Victor Bockris bio on Lou Reed:

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