Songs of the day

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 26 2015

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Richard Thompson is an extremely talented dude.  He’s been making music since the 60’s and has been a prolific song writer since, with artists such as Elvis Costello, Del McCoury, R.E.M., Los Lobos, and David Byrne, to name a few, having recorded his compositions.  He’s also a super talented instrumentalist, mastering the electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, keyboards, and even the accordion.  He’s a Brit and as such is acclaimed in England and Europe, but also well known here in the States.  Rolling Stone named him one the top 100 guitarists.  His latest album is terrific, as are the other 50 or so he’s produced over his career, and it contains one of my favorite songs right now.  So my songs of the day will be an older one and a new one by this guitar master:

Older: “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”

New: “She’s All Buttoned Up”

2 comments on “Songs of the day”

  1. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning…love that song!

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