10 Bucks? What A Deal!

By: sonofabeach96

Aug 28 2015

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On this date in 1973, the Summer Jam rock festival took place in Watkin’s Glen, NY.  The Grateful Dead, The Band, and the Allman Brothers performed.  Attendance numbers set a new Guiness Book record for “Largest audience at a pop festival”, with 600,000 people present.  I doubt that its still the highest attended at this point, but still an impressive number.  Note the ticket price on the concert bill.  $10?  What a friggin’ deal!!!  Those tickets would be hundreds of dollars today.  Those were the days!

I’ll pick a tune from each of them for my songs of the day:

“The Weight” by The Band

“Ramblin’ Man” by the Allman Brothers

“Morning Dew” by the Grateful Dead

Note:  I let this slip past me.  If you’ll notice the date on the play bill it says JULY 28, not August 28.  I completely mistyped the date in this morning on my this-day-in-music-history app. This was my error, and I apologize.  Still a pretty cool tidbit of info though.  Oh well, to err is human, right?  So. To right my wrong, on this date in 1963, Peter, Paul, and Mary played “Blowing In The Wind” in Washington for civil rights marchers who had gathered to hear Dr Martin Luther King, Jr speak.  That’s a pretty cool tidbit too!

13 comments on “10 Bucks? What A Deal!”

  1. Do you think anyone was sober? LOL

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  2. What a deal! The price of tickets scares me away these days. It has to be something special for me to part with that much money ☺ I hope you enjoy your weekend.

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    • Yeah, I’m more into the smaller venue shows now. Although we do still do festivals some years. Love the scene, the camping, the variety of bands that a festival provides. They’re expensive though. You have a good one too. TGIF!

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  3. Like this post, but the likebutton don’t upload right now for me. Slow connection or wp mess 🙂

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  4. Intersting :3

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  5. 🙂

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