Otis, my man!

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 09 2015

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This date in music history features a few interesting tidbits.

Today is Otis Redding’s birthday.  He was taken from us way too soon, yet another shooting star, burned brightly then fizzled into the cosmos.  He was only in his late 20’s, killed in a plane crash.  Interestingly enough, his plane went down in Wisconsin, as did the one carrying Stevie Ray Vaughan.  What is it with musicians and planes?  I believe if if I were a musician, I’d stick to the tour bus.

Another factoid from September 9th, in 1971, John Lennon recorded the first take of “Imagine”.  The initial attempt wasn’t all that different from the final one that we all know.  It’s an iconic song, of course, and one all of us surely can relate to.

And, last but not least, a humorous story.  On this date in 1992, Nirvana guitarist Krist Novoselic knocked himself unconscious, with his own guitar.  It happened on stage after performing during the MTV music and video awards.  Remember MTV?  Yes, boys and girls, they used to actually play videos…ALL day!

In honor of all those snippets, my songs of the day are:

“A Change Is Gonna Come” by Otis Redding

“The Dock Of The Bay” by Otis Redding

“Imagine” by John Lennon

“Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana

“The Man Who Sold The World” (MTV Unplugged version) by Nirvana

14 comments on “Otis, my man!”

  1. Sweet songs to start my day! Thanks! I didn’t know he knocked himself out either, and I was obsessed with Kurt. So thanks for that tidbit too!

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  2. I need to have a little ramble here SOB to pass along some good vibes. Yesterday, after reading your post, I played Otis on you tube. As my daughter and I danced to the song, hubby came in whistling and singing (he has a lovely voice). Sincerely, thank you for helping to create a musical memory with my family. I will never listen to that song without that memory in mind. Priceless. ☺😊☺😊

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