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Sep 10 2015

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One of my all-time favorite albums, Revolver, by the Beatles of course, started a 6 week run at no. 1 on the US album chart on this date in 1966.  It wasn’t widely popular in the US initially because it came on the heels of the controversy surrounding John Lennon’s statement that the Beatles had become “bigger than Jesus”.  It was a pseudo-sequel to Rubber Soul, which was a transition for the band into more unchartered territory musically.  The album eventually was considered groundbreaking both in terms of studio techniques and musically.  It also has been widely hailed as one of the greatest albums of all-time.  Rolling Stone magazine ranked it 3rd on its Top 500 Albums. Even the cover art garnered a Grammy Award. It’s release also coincided with the bands’ final US concert tour.

In honor, I’ll choose a couple from this iconic record for my songs of the day.

“Good Day Sunshine”

“Yellow Submarine”


“Eleanor Rigby”

“Got To Get You Into My Life”

29 comments on “One of the best”

  1. Great tunes!! Thnx xoxo

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  2. Ooh! My fave (and I’m a BIG Beatles fan 🙂 )

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  3. Reblogged this on Jane's Musing and commented:
    This has reminded me of a couple of Beatles covers I’ve done that could probably do with an airing (in the absence of much inspiration of late).


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  4. “Eleanor Rigby” IMO One of the best songs released by the Beatles. #2 “A Day In The Life” #3 “Norwegian Wood”

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  5. can’t go wrong with the Beatles…your going to hate me…I met and John and Yoko in Olema Ca, near Stinson Beach/Bolinas, I was in 9th grade and working as a waitress at Jerry’s Farm House….they came in before there show with 4 big ass body guards….he was so humble and she was such a bitch…these were the days when she had the real long witchy hair and he wore the round glasses, long hair bell bottoms…I can remember what he had to eat, abalone…LOL he signed an autograph for me and gave me free back stage tickets to his show the next night…being the nice woman I am I was actually working for a friend, Wendy, who was a hard core Beatle fan…so Gave her the tickets and the autograph…It was enough to get to meet him and sit and talk with him after dinner, what else did I need….I have had several different run ins with famous singers….in my eyes they are just like you and me…just more talented….jus thought I would share…

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    • Damn! You say and talked with John fucking Lennon?!?!? How awesome is that? Don’t hate you…..but I’m jealous as hell! Doesn’t surprise me that Yoko was a bitch. Never quite understood that relationship. He was a genius and she is just….I don’t know. Anyway, now that’s a cool story!


      • yes, I was his waitress, he invited me to sit for awhile after dinner, offered me a cocktail, I couldn’t accept, but did manage to sit for a very short time….he was so nice, he mostly spoke about his up coming concert at Bolinas/Stinson Beach area…I was pretty awe struck !!! I think it had to be the sex between them….or maybe he saw something no one else did…because she had that high screetch voice and was dam right rude…she wouldn’t even shake my hand when I offered it…I just shrugged and thought I am only be cordial because I have to… it was one of the top ten for me…LOL I ran into Kirk Douglas at the ketchian airport in 1992, he was a sweetheart…I never asked him for an autograph, it just didn’t seem right, we were in the ticket line, he had been fishing and was in a rather jolly mood…I thought my sister was going to wet her pants…LOL

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      • That’s awesome! I’d have been like one of those teenage girls screaming outside the hotel where the Beatles were staying if I’d have bumped into Lennon. My only real brush with greatness was Muhammad Ali. I used to wait on him frequently. I was in college and when he was in town he always are there. Got his autograph on a bar napkin once. Still have it. But John Lennon? I’d have wet MY pants!


      • LOL yes I get that reaction from people…lets see, I met George Forman and some of the little Georges at Marine World in Vallejo one year…they were at the bird show…they took up the entire top row..LOL and what a happy soul…he was laughing and having a grand time with his kids…all I did was wave at him like some stare crazed women….lol he waved back politely and went back to being a dad…but he was one hunk of a man!!!! I might as well tell you another….this was back in my stoner high school youth…we were at Denny’s around oh I don’t know 3am….after work we went out to the country smoked a bunch of weed…sat around telling lies to each other I am sure…and when the munchies set in we went to Denny’s where else in the middle of the night…Cher came in to get a coffee to go….what first caught out attention was the freakish tall lady that came in, couldn’t really see her face at first..we were sitting realativly close so when the waitress started acting all giddy…we took a better look…sure enough it was Cher, she was just standing there waiting for her to go coffee, she looked around the restaurant and she smiled, never said anything…paid and left….tore out of that parking lot like a bat out of hell and onto the freeway…south bound…we all had to shake our heads….kinda exciting for a bunch of small town kids…LOL

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      • That’s funny! Who of us hasn’t sat at Denny’s at 4:00a.m. stoned with the munchies?


      • hummm….most of America I am sure….well at least my generation…LOL

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      • No doubt. Mine too…at least the crowd I hung around with. Still do on occasion, just much less frequently now.😕


      • I quit back in 2008 and have tried it a couple times….ended up putting it down the disposal…thought I would miss it….not one day….my sinus are happier without it…LOL

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      • I understand. Most of those friends had to stop due to random piss tests at their work. Sneak around that sorta thing and they still do every now and then. I’ve found I don’t need an accelerant to further diminish my dwindling energy bank. I do miss it when absent though, I have to admit. 🙂


      • I just quit cause I seemed to be a spiral downward, my oldest sister just upped and died….how dare her!! in 2007 so I tried to smoke myself to death to ease the pain…didn’t work…just made the spiral worse..I was luck I worked at job that didn’t do piss test on the administration workers…LOL but I only smoked after work…and heavaliy on weekends…LOL I had to do something other than eat and smoke to make the pain go away so I quit one of the two at that point….that’s my story about quitting…who knows what the future will bring…I was tempted to buy some in Washington and Oregon along the way…but I passed…LOL

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      • I understand. I can buy it here, no problem. Before tobacco went belly up, it was our second largest cash crop. Now it’s first. Just hate that I’m not legally allowed to go buy a couple joints like I can a 12-pack of beer. Doesn’t make sense to me that I can’t. Someday soon hopefully.


      • I live in California…crazy that Wash and Oregon beat us….crazy….

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      • I hear ya! California should’ve been first!


      • that’s what I thought….

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