Silent footsteps

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 24 2015

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This post is for my blogging friend, Emmagc75   She’s lost a loved one recently, and someone she cared about a great deal.  She’s obviously down, and could probably use a kind word or two.  I doubt she’s on WP at this time, but when she comes back, I’d like to give her a bit of cyber support.

I’ve made it known here that I’m not particularly religious…and by that I mean not at all.  But I do consider myself spiritual, and I believe in a God.  Something else I believe in is an afterlife, in some form.  I believe that when we pass, our energy, that life “force”, continues on in some way.  Em, I believe that where we go is a good place, especially for someone as great a human being as you describe her.  I believe that when we live a positive life and exude good energy, that we are still good and continue to have positive experiences after we die, a kind of cosmic karma, if you will.  From what you say of her, I believe that’s the very thing she’s being rewarded with now.

Be well, my friend.  Mourn, cry, hug.  And know this too shall pass.  Hugs and good thoughts sent your way.

My songs of the day are:

“Living On A Thin Wire” by The Kinks

“Little Fire (with Emmy Lou Harris) by Patti Griffin

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

“Days Like This” by Van Morrison

“Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

15 comments on “Silent footsteps”

  1. Very sweet of you SOB. I’ll be sure to stop there and send whatever positive energy I can to her.

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  2. […] Then I read Silent footsteps | sonofabeach96 […]

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  3. Sending her some love and peace

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  4. She’s a sweet heart….and I send her all my thoughts..very kind of you….kat

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  5. Very sorry to hear this. Praying for peace for her.

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  6. Wow! What an absolutely perfect post. Thank you so much! Please know that while I haven’t been on in days as u can tell, your kindness n support means so very much to me. I’m floored at ur empathy and caring. The people you help in your work are so lucky to have you. As well as your wonderful family. Hugs n love to you my dear friend xoxo.

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    • Aw, thanks Em. That’s a great compliment. I believe all that I wrote there. As good a person as she was, I’m certain that positive energy continues on. I’m sure she’ll be checking in on all of y’all. Like my MIL and the bobby pins I find all he time, you’ll get a sign of some kind. Do you ever get “signs” from your mom?

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      • Signs? Um u could say that lol. I get a lot more than that. She sends me images of things I need to do and pesters me until I do lol. From calling someone that I didn’t even know is sick til I call to a bunch of other things that defy all logic. Crazy I know but if u had known her you would know a little thing like death couldn’t stop my Mom lol.

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      • That’s awesome! I’m doing a post tomorrow on the bobby pin thing (not sure if you’ve read those or not). One of the twins found one at school today, right under his desk. I think getting those signs is just so fucking cool!!!! It’s bewildering to a degree, but awesome! Glad you get em too!


  7. Ohhh n stellar song list!!!! Lol

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