Let’s do the Time Warp!

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 26 2015

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On this date, in 1975, Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in theaters.  It was based on the theatrical production of the same name.  The film was meant to be a satirical tribute to the sci-fi B-movies of the 30’s-70’s.  The films’ stars were, of course, Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon.

By 1976, the film had become a “midnight movie” event and audiences participated in the scenes from the crowd.  There were even “shadow-casts” that acted out the scenes and lip-synced the lines while the film played.  It’s believed that the first such occurance was at the King’s Court Theater in Pittsburgh.

I remember seeing it for the first time, at 12 years old.  It was the midnight show on Halloween night, at The Vogue Theater in Louisville.  The venue had a stage in front of the screen and there was a costume contest held prior to the showing.  It was unlike anything I’d ever been to.   And by that age, I’d already been to concerts, both festival style and big arena shows, so I’d seen some odd crowds.  But this was different.  Everyone brought their props: toast, rice, toilet paper rolls, newspapers, and squirt bottles.  There was even a guy who burst into the left side of the theater on a Harley.  He rode down the aisle to the left then back up and out in the other aisle.  At one point, I went to take a piss, and there at the urinal beside me was a dude dressed full-on like the “Sweet Transvestite”, complete with pink corset, fishnet stockings, and stilettos.  For a seventh-grader, it was a surreal scene.  But it was so fun, we went back numerous times over the years, on Halloween, until that theater closed in the mid-nineties.  As an illustration of the crapfest that is development, the great old theater is now an Urban Outfitters or some shit.  No more Rocky Horror on Halloween or punk rock concerts.  At least they saved the neon marquee.

Also on this date, in 1969, The Beatles released “Abbey Road” in the UK, with the US release in October.  This was not their final album, as “Let It Be” was released in 1970.  But this was the last album all 4 were in the studio together for, as the cuts for “Let It Be” had been recorded before the release of “Abbey Road”.  There was definitely conflict and tension during these studio sessions for “Abbey Road” as John Lennon secretly left the band prior to its release, and McCartney publicly bolted within the next year.

“Abbey Road” was certainly a commercial success, but was not critically acclaimed at the time.  Now, critics largely agree it was one of their best albums, and one of the best albums of all-time.  For many years, and it may still be the case, it was The Beatles best selling album.   And, of course, the cover played a primary role in perpetuating the “Paul is dead” hoax.  See my post, Paul is not dead, for details on that.  The cover is certainly one of the most recognizable, and oft imitated, covers in all of music history.

My songs of the day are:

From Rocky Horror:

“Dammit Janet”

“The Time Warp”

“Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me”

and from Abbey Road:


“Come Together”

“Here Comes The Sun”

16 comments on “Let’s do the Time Warp!”

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss (throws hot dog)

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  2. I remember in 1990 when I moved to the West Coast, Rocky Horror Picture show was a STAPLE in the (now old) theatre on the Main drag. Amazing at midnight the lines would wrap around the blocks. haha. Another line I passed on going. This is a beautiful backdrop. Abs/Pos. ~wings~ Thanks for your continues likes – a wave from you ~~~~~

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  3. Oh my this one aged me…LOL I graduated in 1975….I can remember the huge rave of the Rocky Horror Show….I thought that was a crazy time…LOL Abby Road is my favorite Beatles albums….thanks again for a blast from the past….kat

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  4. The Vogue theater, oh how I forgot all about that place!

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  5. I was 5 months old lol!!!

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