Gimme shelter

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 29 2015

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Ya ever have one of those days?  One where you’d just as soon not have to deal with the world?  The feeling that it would be so much easier if only you could stay comfortably numb, snuggled into your cocoon.  Safe, warm, unaware, and ambivalent to the comings and goings.  Protected from all the insects, vipers, and other things that bite?  Today is one of those days.

As I was leaving this morning, pitch black, rain befitting the mood, and closed the gate behind me, I wanted with all my being to be back in bed, curled around my wife, and kids piled atop us in a web of warmth and protection.  Alas, the world awaited, fangs primed, ready to strike.  Day half over, longing for home, and all that it entails.  The hours seem like days ’til I’m able to close that gate behind me again.  This time as I travel towards my cocoon rather than away from it.

Songs of the day:

“Home” by Bonnie Raitt and David Grisman

“Retreat” by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings

“Porch Light” by Nico Case

“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant

“Kiss Off” by The Violent Femmes

23 comments on “Gimme shelter”

  1. I feel like that quite a bit these days and, like you, am always grateful for the family at home, no matter how messy they are 😉 their arms are always warm and inviting.

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  2. I so know what your talking about!

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  3. OMG this is exactly how I felt yesterday….and then the day dragged on forever…it was .my husbands birthday and even he was saying what a long day it was…LOL and isn’t it nice to want to go home curl up with all your loved ones and hide away from the world….makes me think how sad I feel for all those scratching to get away of from their family…..some new bands I need to check out on your list….hope its a better day…kat

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  4. […] read a post over at Sonofabeach96 that got me thinking of a Swedish song by a group called Bo Kaspers Orkester (Bo Kasper Orchestra). […]

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  5. I love that Bob Dylan song!

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    • Oh, I know. There’s so many of his that I love. But that’s a great one. Should’ve added it to my playlist, but I guess being in the title sorta covered it. It’s wonderful to have someplace that shelters you from the world. She’s that for me, no matter where we are.


  6. I know that feeling, too – lately (as you know) it’s hit me at home, too. Sigh. I’ll find my safe place….

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