Bizarreness continues

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 10 2015

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When were leaving the hotel this morning, we were waiting on the elevator on our floor.  We were just kind of chatting and planning our day.  As the elevator dinged, right before the doors opened, one of the twins gasped.  We all looked to see what was wrong, and he had bent over to pick something up.  It was the bobby pin in the first picture above.  The boys were amazed, as this is only the second time one of them have found

For the longest, it was just me that found them.  Recently though, the boys have been finding them too.  Anyone not familiar us having them suddenly appear in the strangest places, check out my post’s How Bizarre, Found Another One, and/or Well This Is New  for the back story on the bobby pin thing.

Anyway, we drive down to the train station, to head back into DC for the day.  As we’re walking out of the parking garage, I was kinda fiddling in my pocket, looking for the map that details which train we need, when to change lines, etc.  I just happen to glance down and…there’s another one, the one in the second pic.

It still just blows us away.  It just is too coincidental.  I’m done trying to explain it away, or explain it to other people.  It is what it is.  It still gives me goosebumps, and it still comforts us.  Evidently it’s going to continue, and be a legacy with the boys.  They don’t seem freaked by it at all.  Quite the contrary, they are happy that she’s contacting them now too.  And so are we, as it keeps their Granny in and on their minds.

Songs of the day:

“Crazy” by Barenaked Ladies

“Drink The Water” by Jack Johnson

“Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys

“Fireflies” by Mofro

“Chop ‘Em Down” by Matisyahu

27 comments on “Bizarreness continues”

  1. Delightfully spooky cool!

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  2. Nice she’s hanging out with you on vacation….is there someplace she would of liked to visit while your there…?? love she is keeping so close to the kids….kat

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    • She had been before but had never mentioned anything specific in the past. She was an avid reader of National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines so I guess the Smithsonian would be a fave of hers.

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  3. gives me a warm feeling all over for you all…..kat

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  4. Love the pics and the way the Bobby pins are bringing your family together ☺

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    • It’s definitely become a family affair now. Pretty cool.

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      • Have a good trip home SOB ☺ I think it was pretty cool of you and your wife to have a historical journey with your kids. I am going to keep that idea in mind when my daughter gets older and bring her to the places she is learning about in school.

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      • Oh, I highly recommend DC. The Smithsonian Museums are worth the trip alone. We didn’t have time to do them all, but the Natural History is killer. Could spend several days in that one alone. Best part is all of them are free, all the memorials are free, Washington Monument is free to go to the top. It’s such a cool place, and can be done on a budget if necessary. Lots of walking of course, but the train system allows you stay outside the city, which is less expensive. We had to stay in College Park because there were no rooms in DC with the Million Man March goin on. But with the train, it didn’t really matter

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  5. I think it’s very special she has found a way to still remain a part of your lives, especially her grandkids. Hugs xo!

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  6. Wow! Death is not the end of our lives 🙂

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  7. Awwww, granny is with you. That’s beautiful! ❤️ I had some coincidences on my trip, too, with my dad. There are just some things you know and feel. 🙂 blessings to her in heaven…

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