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By: sonofabeach96

Oct 14 2015

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In the area that we live, we are extremely lucky to have access to one fine Public Radio station.  Well, actually, 3 stations: WFPL (news and commentary), WUOL (classical), and, my fave of the 3, WFPK, which plays some of the most amazing music you’ll ever find.

WFPK has unparalleled programming and sponsors so many new and up-and-coming artists that it’s difficult keep track.  I listen to this station primarily in the mornings and afternoons during my hour-long commute.  It gets me through the grind of traffic and stop lights with a bob of my head and tapping of my hand on the steering wheel.  My favorite DJ is on in the afternoons, Laura Shine, and she does a terrific interview and has a voice for radio.  And she has great taste in music.  Daily, at 5:00, she does what she refers to as “The 5 O’clock Shadow”, where she’ll pick an original and a cover of the same song.  Its awesome and I’ve heard some covers that I had no idea existed sometimes.  She rocks and eases me home every day.

In addition to the daily playlist quality, the other programming throughout the day is terrific.  There’s the syndicated World Cafe daily, the Saturday Night Blues Party, Roots and Boots, Kentucky Homefront, Woody’s Roadhouse, World Force Reggae, Grateful Dead Hour, and Jazz Insights.  The variety and quality keep us coming back for more.  They introduce us to new artists, remind us of old ones, and provide us with the eclectic mix that no other platform could possibly compare to.

Oh, and let’s not forget the concerts they sponsor, Live Lunch, Waterfront Wednesdays in the summer, and in- studio interviews and live acoustic performances by anyone from Ben Solee to JJ Grey.  Waterfront Wednesdays are a free event downtown along the river.  Just this past summer, we saw Wax Fang, Anderson East, Pokey LaFarge, American Aquarium, Fantastic Negrito, Bela Fleck &Abigail Washburn, and T. Hardy Morris…for free!!!  And that’s not including the sponsorship of other concerts to come through town like Alabama Shakes, Mofro, Umphrey’s McGee, J. Roddy Walston & The Business, and Ben Folds, to name a few.  Typically when a band or artist is in town, they’ll come to the studio for an interview and play a short acoustic set in the process.

Of course, the other two stations are invaluable to the community as well.  They provide unbiased, and non-agenda-driven, news with insight and in-depth explanations of deep and sometimes confusing topics.  They provide local programming that serves as a platform for the decision makers making decisions for us, at the local level.  And they provide a 24 hour Classical Music station, a vastly under-served need.

So, as NPR stations around the country are underway with their Fall Fund Drive, I would encourage you to check out your local station, or ours, as you can stream it live at or find it on I Heart Radio.  And, if you’re able to, donate and support your local station.  It’s a national treasure, and largely listener-supported.  Please help keep NPR on the air and commercial-free.  After all, it is the people’s radio.

Songs of the day are random from today’s playlist on WFPK:

“S.O.B.” by Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats

“Funky And The Farm Boy” by Rodney Crowell

“All Just To Get To You” by Joe Ely

“Get Down, Make Love” by Queen

“All Your Love Is Gone” by Boxed In

“After Midnight” by JJ Cale

“Substantial Damage” by Keith Richards

“Sweat Shock” by J. Roddy Walston & The Business


6 comments on “Radio for the people”

  1. Live streaming your classical station as I type….I love it….the list has all my favorites one after the other….my favorite to play on the piano…I look forward to listening to all the stations…we do have quite a few to pick from out here however I love a change…thanks…kat they have raised over 186.000.$$ so far…wonderful!!!

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    • That’s great! Glad you’re enjoying it. NPR really is a treasure. Ours here are terrific. Wow! Almost $200,000? That’s good. Last I looked, it was around $140,000. They are beloved here so it doesn’t surprise me that people are stepping up. The corporate community here helps a bunch too. I recommend WFPK from 3:00-6:00pm eastern time. You won’t regret it.

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  2. Congratulations! I nominate you for the Versatile Blog Award!

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  3. I love NPR….it’s the only news I don’t snore through….

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