Careful what ya’ wish for!

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 19 2015

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This is for all my Republican friends, or otherwise, who seem so enamored with The Trumpster Fire.  Read the quote above.  Note the date.  Now, I’m not up for a political debate.  I don’t follow politics religiously anymore.  Quite frankly, I think that all politicians are lying, cheating, scumbags who, if I may take a line from “Hunt For Red October”, when they aren’t kissing babies they’re stealing their lollipops.  Don’t trust a single one of them.

So, if you’re a Trumpster Fire fan, I apologize in advance.  But I will not debate his virtues (according to you) or lack thereof.  Nor will I listen and/or respond to anyone who disagrees with my disdain for this piece of shit.  I’ve never been a fan, even before he’s embarked on this confusing campaign to, for some reason, try to become President.  Have you listened to him?  He’s bashed P.O.W.’s, railed on immigrants (even though he’s married to one; guess if you’re a 5’10 hottie you’re welcome here), he calls global warming a “hoax” simply because we had a cold winter, he’s degraded and insulted women repeatedly while claiming to “cherish” them,  and his misguided support for Michael Savage to head the NIH (this asshat’s view of Autism speaks fucking volumes about his neanderthalish mentality, and I’ll post about his bullshit another time) turned me against him long ago.  And that’s just for starters.  Nothing anyone could say could change my opinion of this dude.

Trust that he does not have your best interest’s at heart.  He’s as arrogant and narcissistic a human being as has ever walked this earth.  He stated the words above, not me.  So go ahead and support this farce of a candidate.  Go ahead and think he’ll put ISIS in their place, that he’ll make “America great again” (a slogan he claims to have coined but was used by Reagan  35 years ago),  and fix healthcare, etc.  You’re fooling yourself!

None of these candidates, or any in the future, have your back.  Thats a fact.  But this guy is certainly the worst of the lot, in my opinion.  The quote above sums it up nicely.  Go ahead little sheep, give this good shepherd what he wants.  He wants your vote, and a massive ego boost.  We may survive The Trumpster Fire if elected, but it’ll be a circus, with him the lead clown.

My songs of the day are:

“American Fool” by John Cougar (Mellencamp)

“Ship Of Fools” by The Grateful Dead

“Fool In The Rain” by Led Zeppelin

“Fool On The Hill” by The Beatles

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who

29 comments on “Careful what ya’ wish for!”

  1. I feel your pain!! I couldn’t even watch our election results yesterday. My heart sank. WTF are people thinking?? I am disillusioned today. My little vote didn’t mean shit compared to the majority. I fear our voices will never be heard and it is all out of our control…

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    • I’m almost to the point that I really don’t care. If Trump wins this election we will be the laughing stock of the world. Can you see him at some diplomatic dinner with other world leaders? Hitting on some prime minsters wife…or worse yet, calling one a rude cow or something. Politics is so far down the rabbit hole it’s not really even funny anymore. Well, maybe on SNL, but in reality it’s crap. Pathetic.😕

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  2. laughing at the quote….and love your post…..I do not get involved in political or religious discussions…but I don’t mind ready everyone’s opinion…and I am with you…Trump is an ass….and all politicians are pretty much lying through there pearly whites…..thanks for the great post….and quote….kat

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  3. This guy. You put it perfectly. He’s definitely a narcissist. Business savvy he may be but definitely not a world leader.

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  4. I’m with you on this one. You are right in what you’re writing.
    We have a local version of that idiot here in my town, who tries to destroy every bit of nature we have left, just because he want’s to be bigger and build monuments over him self. Politicians!!!!

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  5. While I don’t see Trump as a viable candidate (and it pains me that I felt I had to actually TYPE that) – one positive I DO see is that he’s got a lot of people paying attention to politics who really couldn’t have been bothered before. I just hope he realizes that he’s a caricature, not a candidate, and bows out gracefully before shiz gets real.

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    • I don’t think his gargantuan ego will allow that to happen. When we were in DC a couple weeks ago, we came across a renovation site. New Trump Plaza Hotel, just blocks from Capital Hill. Slated to open: 2016. Coincidence? Highly doubt it. The man is shrewd, but still a clown.

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      • He’s successful, I’ll give him that. While I don’t want him leading the country, he’s been able to make money. Maybe he should be the treasurer. HAHAHA

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      • Hmmm. I suspect interest rates would start creeping northward. Once there, it’s not like we’d have any say anyway. Gonna be a bit interesting in the next few months. I’m sure he’ll provide plenty of fodder in the meantime


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