Enough already!!!

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 21 2015

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Oh boy, the circus continues, and now there’s a new set of clowns in the fray.  The bumbling boobs from Westboro Baptist Church (yes, the same jerkoffs that make complete asses of themselves at soldier funerals the country over) have now chimed in on the Kim Davis fiasco.  Surprisingly, they aren’t coming out in support of her backwards bigoted behavior, as one may expect with their incessant and ignorant anti-gay vitriol.  They are actually in Rowan County, KY to protest against her.  They are actually accusing her of hypocrisy and adultery.

Evidently, there were 4 members of the hate-spewing congregation picketing in front of Ms. Davis’ workplace, the Rowan County courthouse.  You can see some of their signs in the pic above, and note what her shirt says!  One member of this so-called church, Shirley Phelps-Roper, says, “This woman wants to say that her sin isn’t as grievous as the same-sex marriage sin.  It’s all sin.  It’s all awful!”  She went on to say, “But her sin enabled that sin.”  According to this mental giant, Ms. Davis’ sins are being divorced and then remarried (4 times mind you), and that this is equivalent to adultery.

Ms. Roper went on to state that Davis is obligated to follow the law and issue the marriage licenses because “God hates oath breakers just like he hates adultery and he hates same-sex marriage.”  What the fuck is she talking about?!?  A local evangelist in Rowan County, Rev. Randy Smith, was quick to distance himself and Davis’ “cause” from the Westboro loons, even though he supports Ms. Davis’ denial to issue the licenses, saying, “There is no love in what they are doing and they certainly don’t represent the God of the Bible and don’t represent Christians.”  I can agree with that statement, but I don’t think the good Rev. or Ms. Davis do either.

Anyway, on top of all that, now the ACLU is weighing in on the matter because they feel that the licenses issued by another member of the County Clerks office may not be valid because those forms are altered to remove any mention of Ms. Davis or her office.  They believe this creates a two-tier system which sets same-sex couples apart.  Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if Ms. Davis had done her damn job to begin with.

So, the media hoopla may have died down.  There aren’t any more candidates stumping around in the piles of bullshit.  But it is still the same circus, with new clowns in town.  I just wish they’d all pull a magic trick and disappear.  In fact, speaking of marriage, I think Ms. Davis and these jack wagons from Westboro Baptist are a perfect match.  They are free to take Ms. Davis and her bigotry back to Topeka, Kansas with them…the sooner the better!

Songs of the day:

“Just Go Away” by Blondie

“You Suck” by The Murmurs

“The Action” by Keb’ Mo’

“No Religion” by Van Morrison

“Another Place To Fall” by KT Tunstall

24 comments on “Enough already!!!”

  1. Wow. This shit just blows my mind, literally. (Large exhale…returning to my bubble)

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  2. shaking my head in complete disgust….no words that wouldn’t come out sounding like a mad sailor….kat

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  3. God hates no one, so should we.

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  4. God hates hate. That’s as close as I can get.

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  5. Well! Well! Well!

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