Worth the risk

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 23 2015

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The quote above is the second installment in the 3 Day Quote Challenge issued to me by amommasview.  I’ve used this quote in a post before, Do It Anywayfrom back in mid-July.  But it’s still one of my favorites.  For me, it helped me acquire and maintain a level of trust and vulnerability that I sorely lacked, and when I needed it most.  With my formative years being a bit…dysfunctional, trust didn’t always come easy.  And allowing myself to be vulnerable?  Ha!  I think not!  But, at the urging of someone vital in my transformation, who helped me to tear down the brick wall I’d erected around my heart and soul, I read this repeatedly.  It became one of my mantra’s, and is to this day.  It was terrific advice, and has paid huge dividends.  So, as I told myself years ago, do it anyway.  If not for someone else, do it for yourself.  The risk, as it turns out, is worth it.

My songs of the day are:

“Dance Back From The Grave” by Marc Cohn

“Second Hand Heart” by Dwight Yocum

“Ship To Wreck” by Florence and The Machine

“Empty Me Out” by Liz Vice

“Stone Rolling” by Raphael Saadiq

11 comments on “Worth the risk”

  1. Read that post ‘do it anyway’. Very inspiring SOB. Very inspiring.

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  2. now I am laughing out loud…as I am reading your post backwards…I just read your Dali Lama and mentioned one of my favorite women, Mother Teresa and I pop over here and here’s another one of my favorite posts….LOL we must be highly intelligent we think alike….LOL

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