Fly, be free!

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 25 2015

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This is the final installment in the 3 Day Quote Challenge issued by amommasview.  I love this quote and it’s how I try to raise my boys.  They know they’re loved, they know they’re safe, and they know they’re my world.  But I try to give them freedom, to explore, to learn, and to see, taking those leaps from the nest.  We hope it leads to confident, well-traveled, and curious young men who thirst for new experiences and sights.  But at the same time, know that their mom and I are always they’re “home”, no matter what.  I never knew unconditional love as a youngster.  We are making damn sure our kids do!

20 comments on “Fly, be free!”

  1. My stepdaughters come here whenever they need a break from their lives. The feeling is… priceless that they should choose our home as a retreat.

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  2. Your children are lucky to be so loved. 🙂 Makes me smile.

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  3. They come back “HOME” Wonderful!

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  4. Lovely quote, easier said than done! My kids are up and grown, but it’s so hard to see them as ‘grown up’ with a life of their own! Well done if you can manage this. My boy is 25 and just moved back in with me 🙂 Not sure if I should be as pleased as I am!

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  5. I love the Dali Lama…..such a wonder of a human being…right up there with Mother Teresa….kat

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