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Oct 27 2015

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On this date, in 1980, Mark David Chapman reportedly purchased a .38 handgun.  This gun, and this man, would eventually result in one of the most tragic and senseless moments in music history.  That moment was, of course, the shooting death of John Lennon, roughly six weeks later.  The picture above was him asking Lennon for an autograph just hours before he shot Lennon four times in the back.

I’ll post more about that event, and the events leading up to that night in early December, 1980, as the anniversary of that heinous act occurs.  But the warning signs were there, long before the actual murder of John Lennon, and though the wheels of this event were set in motion months before this date, this was the day his plan passed the point of no return.  This tragedy could have, and should have, been averted.  Instead, one of musics seminal and iconic figures was needlessly lost to the whims and lunacy of a deranged man.

My song of the day is:

“Watching The Wheels” by John Lennon

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  1. Wonderful song and appropriate, I think.

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  2. Mr Lennons spirit lives forever. Just watch this:
    Playing For Change – Imagine Legend

    The playing for change project is a peace and school building project.

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  3. The one and only bright spot about this for me is that on December 9, 1980, with all the media coverage of his death, my 12 year old self discovered John and the rest of the Beatles for the first time. I’ve loved all of their music (group and solo) since that day.

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    • I knew about them before that, but I’ll never forget that day. It was heartbreaking. He stood for peace and love yet died in such a cowardly and violent way. I was 12 myself, and couldn’t understand the reason for it. Still don’t, actually. I plan to post on the anniversary with much more detail, but I figured the day the dude actually purchased the gun was worth noting. That was pretty much the point of no return for him and his decision to do this.

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  4. Wow!! That’s so brutal!! 😢😢

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  5. Ah my good friend John….he was missed…I often wonder what he would of been writing about these days…the world is so full of BS and everyone is fighting with everyone…a true genius in my opinion…I question his choice of mates but that is just me….kat

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