Near trip to the dark side of the moon

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 29 2015

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On this date, in 1991, 2 members of Pink Floyd were injured in an accident during the Pan-American Rally race.  The course runs from southern Mexico to the Rio Grande.  The car with David Gilmore and the bands’ manager, Steve O’Rourke, overshot an embankment and ran off the trail, resulting in the damage noted in the pic above.

The Red Cross reported that guitarist David Gilmore, who was driving, was largely unharmed, suffering some cuts and bumps to the head, but band manager Steve O’Rourke suffered a broken leg.  The accident happened roughly 12 miles from San Luis Potpoli, Mexico.  Both were flown to a Houston hospital as their days at the race came to an abrupt end.  Drummer Nick Mason was not involved and continued the race, eventually finishing eighth.

The race was being filmed and was released as “La Carrera Panamericana”.  The soundtrack for the film was entirely comprised of Pink Floyd’s music.  The music was all instrumental and was kind of background noise to the roar of the engines and nearly an afterthought to the footage itself.  In the video, the accident was not really highlighted, mainly just shots of the car being towed away.

So, in honor of the near miss in what could’ve been a tragic event, especially if you’re a Pink Floyd fan (and, c’mon, who isn’t?), and the Floyd-on-the-brain caused by reading about this event, my songs of the day are:


“Learning To Fly”

“One Of These Days”

“Brain Damage”

“Great Gig In The Sky”


17 comments on “Near trip to the dark side of the moon”

  1. I may be dating myself, but I grew up listening to and love Pink Floyd, especially Dark Side of the Moon! 🙂

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  2. You are right, who isn’t a Pink Floyd fan?? Thanks for teaching me something today! Enjoyed listening to Parliament the other day, hard to sit still with that music on, made me want to get up and move ☺ checking out Harper today. Wanted to stop by to wish you a happy Thursday!!

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  3. Pink Floyd is ageless. The shows were too big of a spectacle.

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    • True, they were a spectacle. But the one I saw in the late 70’s was as riveting a concert as I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a bunch. Saw them again in the early 90’s and it wasn’t quite as over the top sensory wise, but they are one of those bands whose live performances sound every bit as good as the CD. I’ll keep em in my top spot of concerts I’ve ever been to.

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      • I agree – LOVE their music and concerts. My Division Bell concert t-shirt has been worn near to death but I’ll keep in wearing it until it rags. And it’s funny to me that whenever I wear it someone will inevitably stop me to talk about how great the band’s concerts are.

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      • Amazing live. Saw Roger Waters once too, with an orchestra as a back-up band. That was pretty cool too. Oh, the concert shirts! Stopped buying those years ago now, but used to have quite a collection of them. 😃


  4. Love Pink Floyd!

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  5. I love Pink Floyd! Dark Side of the Moon is one of my favorite albums, so is The Wall.

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