Quick fix

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 30 2015

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The DT’s have settled in.  The overwhelming urge to satisfy our fix, for the one habit we still encourage ourselves to indulge in these days, is at critical mass.  The addiction, the physical need to ride its high.  To feel that…rush, then the calming wash of contentedness that flows through your being like the salve that it is.  It’s a sensation that, when addicted to it, is nearly visceral.

That addiction is for traveling, the need as critical as air for existence.  Every bit as addictive as drug or drink.  But much more valuable.  And, as it appears to be turning out, hereditary.  Time to get our fix.

My songs of the day are:

“To The Sea” by Jack Johnson

“Tangled Up In Blue” by Bob Dylan

“Truckin'” by The Grateful Dead

8 comments on “Quick fix”

  1. Our itch is soon to be scratched…off to the Southwest in 3 weeks….can’t wait……no DT’s for us baby!!! kat

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    • Slowed our stride down a bit, having kids in school. But someday my friend! ASAP!!! 😃


      • my husband wants to know where everyone sleeps in the RV?? we come up with the table =2 above the cab =2 but you have one more???? or do you always use a tent???? kat

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      • It’s actually a pull-behind, so not one over the cab. The table folds down, the couch down the right side folds down, and there’s a slide-out of sorts above the table across the front. It’s platform, but half kinda slides under the other half. I don’t fit up there too well. It’s fine for kids though. That makes 6. But hey, we’re only 5 so there’s pplleeennnnttty of room.


      • Oh I thought it was an RV….sounds perfect….kat

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  2. I travel so much that I get the itch to be home long enough to justify putting the suitcase in storage….

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