I got mine!

By: sonofabeach96

Nov 05 2015

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I read this post the other day by Nadine and it made me think.  Think about the reasons why some men are offended, put off, or even intimidated by strong, smart, maybe even what some may consider aggressive women.  Women who have opinions, have minds of their own, who are creative, and who choose careers, and life paths, of their own.  Women who value and protect, even promote, their individuality, and bodies.  Those that stand up for themselves and their beliefs.  That protect their families and friends with the maternal instinct of a momma bear.

Why?  Why would I, as a man, not want a strong woman to be my partner or spouse.  The key word is “partner”, not a subordinate.  Strong women are sexy, interesting, fascinating, and oh, so attractive.  And that’s exactly what I got when I met, and eventually married and created a family with, my wife.  She’s little, claiming to be 5′, but I think it’s closer to 4’11”, but boy does she pack punch.  Raised by a dad who was a Vietnam Vet, former Navy Seal, and cattle farmer, and a mom who was a proper southern belle with grace and poise yet tough as nails, head strong, and free spirited, she is blessed with the charms of a southern girl, the sensibility and fortitude of a farmers daughter, can wear heels and a gown or overalls and muck lucks, and look terrific in either.  She can kick ass and take names, but still cuddle a sick or injured child, show compassion to those in need, and ball bust anyone who may threaten those she cares about.   She is a world of things, and I’ve told her she is like putting together a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  But one thing she is not?  Weak.  This man, for one, is thrilled to call a strong woman my best friend, my lover, my wife.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.

Check out Nadine’s site, voyageroffreedom.  She too is a strong woman.  It’s a read you won’t regret.  Thanks Nadine, for giving me one more reason to sing the praises of my amazing wife.  🙂

My songs of the day are:

“We Do I Do” by Harry Connick, Jr.

“Angel Child” by Randall Bramblett

“Mess Around” by Cage The Elephant

“Birds Of A Feather” by Phish

“I Got Mine” by The Black Keys


39 comments on “I got mine!”

  1. It helps to see a post like this amid the….others :I Gives me hope again and again. I was speculating on some things a dude said online and I keep thinking about it. I need to learn to let go. Take care, Sonny 🙂

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  2. wonderful post…..she sounds like a keeper for sure….your a lucky man…..kat

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  3. What a beautiful love letter to your wife! Love it, love it, love it!!!

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  4. Honestly these words I’m reading and I know why. Because my husband knows I can do better and losing me means losing the family, everything it represents.

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    • True. But if he’d accept you as you are, embrace it and encourage it, he’d have the brass ring! What’s he afraid of?

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      • You see if I ever become that woman I will be fearless and once I turn into that type of woman nothing will stop me and that’s truly scary don’t u think ?

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      • Nope, I don’t. I think that’s invigorating, and exciting! Why wouldn’t I want to see what my mate is fully capable of, encouraging them to be whatever they desire to be. I’d like to be along for the ride, sharing driving responsibilities, and having the adventure of life with a partner, not a subordinate. Why would I desire to snip the wings of my angel?

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      • What if your angel chooses to fly away from you ?

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      • Well, that would suck. And I’d be heartbroken. But that’s not in my control. I don’t “own” my angel like some kind of possession. She’s with me by choice, not obligation. If she felt the need to fly away, what could I really do about it? We’re best friends, lovers, confidants, and spouses. But also individuals independent of one another. If ever our goals diverge, I couldn’t stop her from flying away. And if she didn’t really want to stay, why would I want her to?

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      • No its within your control. But sometimes sacrifices are made and you live to think sometimes things are destined to be the way they are meant to be. I find it interesting I was looking for wings from my husband instead I clipped them, maybe I still don’t understand the entire picture. And you would want her to stay thinking you can change her mind, work things out.

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      • I’d certainly try to convince her to stay. Absolutely. But if she really felt her path led her away, and was convinced that she had to, I really couldn’t stop her. Hope it never comes to that, and we are and have always been like-minded. But if she was adamant about going, I wouldn’t be able to stop her. I love her with all my being, but I don’t own her. I hope you find your wings someday, whether that means staying or going. Feeling trapped would be miserable.

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      • My husband and I couldn’t be more opposite than one another. We really don’t have much in common save we have similar childhood background, have children, and graduated college. Internally, I knew that we would have more differences when I first found out he like to play lotto tickets, that was the one of the first signs, and many,many others. It’s still too painful for me to recall but I had written about in the previous posts. Being trapped is one state of mind, sometimes you need to find the right timing. That’s how it is for me right now. Maybe someday I will understand what love is.

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      • I hope so, Miss E. Find those wings and fly! Life is too short.

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  5. Good post. I agree 🙂


  6. I agree with all the above. Wonderful post! Cheers to strong women and their equally strong partners who are unafraid to let them shine. 🍻

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  7. I should be the one thanking you ❤ because I didn't imagine my post will inspire someone to write a beautiful tribute to their wife =) This post made my day!!
    Your wife is lucky to have a supportive husband like yourself, and you are lucky as well to have this beautiful butterfly in your life ❤
    Thank you so much for your kind words about me ❤ =)

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