Mes pensées sont avec vous Paris

By: sonofabeach96

Nov 14 2015

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Yet another senseless, cowardly attack on innocent people.  Pathetic, anger inducing, ridiculous.  My heart aches for all those suffering a loss tonight at the hands of villains who kill without regard, all in the name of their god.  No god, no religion, no human with any shred of decency and knowledge of right and wrong can justify this or any other act of terrorism.

21 comments on “Mes pensées sont avec vous Paris”

  1. I don’t read the news what happened?

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  2. It is terrible what they do in the name of their religion. My heart breaks for all the suffering in Paris tonight. Prayers for all of them tonight.

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  3. Awful. Just awful. Glad you posted this.

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  4. Heard about it from you guys, I have not read or looked at the pictures of it. I don’t think I can. I see bout 129 killed, geez!

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