Everybody breathe

By: sonofabeach96

Nov 16 2015

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I’m sure it’s the same for y’all, but its been tough the past couple of days.  Trying to process yet another senseless act of violence on innocent people.  Trying to explain what all this means, and why, to 3 pre-teen boys.  Actually, only 2 pre-teen after yesterday, as my oldest turned 13 Sunday.  Memories of a friend lost on 9/11 came flooding back.  The unwanted emotions of anger, spite, and sadness combined with the very un-like-me lust for revenge, however short-lived, were weekend house guests.  A very sobering weekend, indeed.  A distraction from the craziness of the real world is welcome.  Now that my mind has calmed a bit, and my perspective is mostly re-centered, I’m gonna chill a bit, take a break from the news, and breathe.

So, a little nonsense and useless information to lighten the mood?  On with some factoids.

On this day, in 1960, Patsy Cline recorded “I Fall To Pieces”.  It eventually became her first no. 1 hit on the Billboard Country Charts, and peaked at no. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.  Over the years, it was covered by 15 different artists.

On this day, in 1964, Diana Krall was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.  She’s an exceptional jazz pianist and singer who’s considered one of the best in her genre.  She’s sold over 15 million records worldwide.  She’s won 5 Grammy Awards, 8 Juno Awards, and was added to the Canada Walk of Fame in 2004.  She’s had 9 certified Gold Records, 3 Platinum, and 7 multi-Platinum records thus far in her career.

On this day, in 1974, John Lennon’s “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” reached no. 1 on the charts.  Elton John, who played piano on the track, had bet Lennon that the song would hit the top spot.  When it did, Lennon, as the loser of the bet, had to join Elton John on stage for his concert at Madison Square Garden on November 28 of the same year.   As you can imagine, the crowd went wild when presented the surprise appearance by Lennon.

On this day, in 1985, Jefferson Starship reached no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with “We Built This City”.  The song has been lampooned for years and was even rated The Worst Song of All-Time by Blender magazine.  That’s harsh criticism, for sure, and I’m not sure I’d go THAT far.  But rest assured, it will not be in my song-of-the-day list.  Nope, never, not gonna happen.  😃

And, on this day, in 2005, numerous artists were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.  Those inducted were: Pink Floyd, The Kinks, The Who, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, The Eurythmics, and Ozzy Osbourne (solo).  There were a couple of live performances that constituted reunions at the event.  The original line-up of The Kinks as well as the classic line-up of Black Sabbath, including Ozzy, performed.  The event was telecast live on UK TV and a recorded version was shown on VH1 later in the US.

So, in honor of all of that triviality, my songs of the day are:

“Better Than Anything” by Diana Krall

“I Fall To Pieces” by Patsy Cline

“It Ain’t Me Babe” by Bob Dylan

“Whatever Gets You Through The Night” by John Lennon

“Living On A Thin Line” by The Kinks

“Missionary Man” by The Eurythmics

“War Pigs” by Black Sabbath

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin

“The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix

“Breathe” by Pink Floyd

32 comments on “Everybody breathe”

  1. Awesome! I just got to work and realized I didn’t have my playlist for the day 😊 Patsy Cline brings back really great memories for me, of my BFF gma who used to drive us to the lake and listen/sing along to Patsy. Thanks! Happy Monday 😩

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  2. Those are some damn good classics!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m with you! Just back from walking the dog, headphones on and listening to music!!!

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  4. We Built this City is definitely in the dumpster with the other worst songs of all time, though. Just sayin.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh, absolutely! I’d put it in top 10 worst for sure. Jefferson airplane/Starship was definitely better before Grace Slick got sober! 😃

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      • I do NOT like that song but will admit to loving old school Jefferson Airplane ❤ Grew up loving Grace Slick and I wish she would get back with the band for at least one concert since the other members are still rocking as Jefferson Starship – minus Mickey (who is rocking solo as Starship, I think?). Okay, I do also like Mickey/JS's version of "Sara." I'll out myself for that song 😉

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      • Oh yeah, the pre-clean days were great. But that song is bad!

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  5. Seriously good song selection! Funny side note – my husband and I were in the car with our 6 year old goddaughter and “War Pigs” started playing. We turned up the music (of course). She made a horrible face and said “What kind of music IS this?” We laughed and said “old” – which she immediately understood , lol 😳

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    • Ugh! These kids today! They will turn up her nose at Black Sabbath but scream in glee at Justin Bieber?!? WTF is wrong with them?!? I’m doing my part with my kids. If I leave them with nothing else, they WILL have good taste in music!!! 😃

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  6. Diana Krall brings back many pleasant memories.. thanks!

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  7. I hate “We Built This City.” I truly do. The only song I think I hate more is “Money, Money.” I do like “Sara” by Jefferson Starship though. How a group could make such contrasting songs is beyond me…

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  8. Thank you for showing some light in the darkness.

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