Swan Song

By: sonofabeach96

Nov 19 2015

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On this date, in 1982, Led Zeppelin released their 9th, and final, studio album, Coda.  The name for the album is a musical term meaning a passage that ends a musical piece following the main body.  They chose the name based on it being their final record.  It was comprised of a collection of unreleased tracks from the bands’ 12-year career.  The album was released 2 years after the band had officially called it quits, following the death of drummer John Bonham from vomit-induced asphyxiation after drinking the equivalent of 40 shots of vodka in a 24 hour period.

Jimmy Page was quoted as saying, “Coda was released, basically, because there was so much bootleg stuff out.  We thought, “Well, if there’s that much interest, then we may as well put the rest of our studio stuff out there”.

The album wasn’t exactly critically acclaimed, but it did peak at no. 4 on the US Billboard 200 Album Chart, and it was certified Platinum with over 1 million in sales.  The album was re-released on compact disc in 1993, and that edition contained 4 additional bonus tracks: “Baby Come On Home”, “Traveling Riverside Blues”, “White Summer/Black Mountain Side”, and “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”.

My songs of the day all come from this swan song for my favorite band, and one to honor the late, great John Bonham, since I mentioned him and his unceremoniously untimely death:

“I Can’t Quit You Baby”

“Poor Tom”

“Walter’s Walk”

“Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”

“Bonzo’s Montreux”

and in honor of “Bonzo” Bonham,

“Moby Dick”



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  1. Your posts are always so enlightening! And I like the way you write. Have a glorious day! 🙂

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