I hate it!

By: sonofabeach96

Nov 20 2015

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I am having the hardest time using my phone to create a post now.  This new format really sucks.  Anyone else having trouble?

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  1. It’s probably a glitch from WP. I noticed they’ve changed their ‘look’

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    • It is nearly impossible to do anything but check messages from my phone now. I use my phone a lot during my days, don’t always have my iPad or laptop with me. I’m starting to think maybe I’m just not tech savvy to manage it.

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  2. Same thing happened to me last week!! And one of my published posts disappeared! I deleted the app and reinstalled, and then had to shut my phone off for 30 minutes. And now, it’s been smooth sailing. If it fails, contact the happiness engineers. They reply instantaneously. Good luck!

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    • Does fine from my iPad but this new “look” or format or whatever just kinda happened outta the blue. Is it a different look for everybody or is just me? I don’t use an app for it, I just log on to my site through google, even when using my phone. Should I use the app instead?

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      • I know they reformatted everything and it did look different on my laptop. I just have the app for convenience – one click and I am in, and I am addicted so I read posts while waiting in lines… also an android user so I am not sure if there is any or much difference between the two… or why posts or drafts disappear…sorry not much help. 😕

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      • I’m the same way, reading stuff here and there throughout my day. But I’ll actually save and/or post stuff from my phone at times. Now I can’t seem to do so. Did it just fine before this change. Even the sidebar stuff like view site, WP admin, etc is not accessible on my phone. Ugh.

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  3. I just witnessed the glitch! This post was blank when I initially commented. Your actual post was in the comment section! It’s fucked!

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      • Technology is really great, when it works,and works quickly. Otherwise I find myself pressing the damn screen so hard because if it didn’t work the first time, maybe I should apply more pressure. I hid my phone under the couch last week because I was so frustrated I thought I was going to throw it against a wall. It’s a little sad…good luck and don’t damage anything! 😉

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  4. I have this song that plays in my head every time WP changes their features, it rhymes with Britney’s version of “One more time”: “This WordPress tripe, is killing me… and I… I must confess, I must delete, (must delete), this flipping draft or I’ll lose my mind. Same everytime… Kills me baby, one more time.” Complete with backup dancers in studded bikini tops and pleated mini skirts. Happy FreeDay.

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  5. I am using my laptop and so far it’s ok.

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  6. Wp updates almost always mean unimprovements. I had to uninstall wp app and then reinstall it to make it work. Haven’t checked the admin section yet. I make posts though the app.

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  7. There’s a full moon this week. We blame that for pretty much everything around here.

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