Beauty of Uncertainty

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 01 2015

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Any of y’all ever gone through a takeover?  A new company coming in and the old company stepping aside?  It’s been like a debriefing from some sort of covert military operation.  The corporate suits from the departing company have been lurking around like cock roaches for weeks now, hunting for every shred of paper with their corporate logo on it, looking through our desk areas for anything, even a pen or sticky note with said logo on it, like some kind of Paul Blart wannabe’s.  I swear I’ve been waiting for the guys in hazmat suits, ala E.T., when the government discovered he was being housed in suburbia, to come in and decontaminate us.

The old company insists on leaving no trace, no sign of them even owning the building, of even having us as employees, even those of us, like myself, that have worked for them for 10 years or more.  Have put up with their stupid and nonsensical rules like no pictures at our desks, no eating in our office, and no making coffee for our patients.  Seriously, they pay a regional manager six figures a year to come up with this kind of groundbreaking micromanaged bullshit?  Oh, and I forgot to mention not being allowed to have music in the background in our therapy gym, even though our patients request it.  As unceremonious as a kick to the nads by a passing stranger, it’s been an utterly bizarre experience.  That regional manager I mentioned above?  The one we not-so-lovingly refer to as either a troll or Darth Vader?  In our face all day yesterday, micromanaging til the bitter end.  Our poor interim Rehab Director likely had to stop by an immediate care center on her way home to have the troll surgically removed from her ass.  I can’t imagine having her in my personal space more than about five minutes, and I usually never make direct eye contact with her for fear that I may be turned to stone.  So, after 10 years of putting up with her style of management, and by that I mean her being condescending, ungrateful, and generally long-termly constipated, I bid her a fond adieu!  It couldn’t have come fast enough for me.

But now the uncertainty of new management, a new direct boss, and new…well, everything, brings a different level of stress.  I have no idea how things will be run, how the new electronic documentation will work, no idea how the new rehab director will fit in with our department dynamic.  It’s all new…and thus far, even though this sale has been in the works for at least three months, we’ve been given no real direction or communication from the new peeps.  Well, other than having an hours worth of HR info crammed down our throats before having to make our benefit elections…that day!  Oh, and the hour long meeting with the soon-to-be rehab director and her regional manager that was supposed to be for us to ask pertinent questions about the future of our department yet turned into a circle-jerk intro/tell us about yourself/kindergartenesque “Hi, my name is…” waste of time.  We all have worked together for years now!  We know each other!  We needed to know about vacation time, type of documentation we will use, what is expected of us efficiency wise, etc., not who got married when, whos kid is in chess club, or how many times their dogs take a crap in a day!  It was a huge waste of time, and was the first and last time I’ve met with my new boss.  And that was two weeks ago, yet the takeover happens today.  And get this: I come in at 7:30, and its now 9:00 and there is not one person from the new company in the building yet!  Not one!!!  It’s as if this new company will pop up out of a cake like at a bachelor party, wearing nothing but pasties and a thong saying “Surprise!”.

The whole process has been maddening, frustrating, mysterious, and, quite frankly, a months long lesson in how to tolerate bullshit, how not to manage, and has incited daily wishes to somehow acquire those magical six numbers in the Powerball drawing to release me from this ridiculousness!

In honor of this most piss poor map through the clusterfuck of ownership transition, and riding this wave of uncertainty, my songs of the day are:

“Achilles Last Stand” by Led Zeppelin

“Losing Hope” by Jack Johnson

“Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits

“Nothin’ But The Blues” by Lightnin’ Hopkins

“Back On The Chain Gang” by The Pretenders

“Jive Talkin'” by The Bee Gees

“Beauty of Uncertainty” by KT Tunstall

41 comments on “Beauty of Uncertainty”

  1. OMG! I’ve been through it and it is putting it lightly so say it was frustrating! So much distrust, secrecy, unknowns… Sheesh. I wish you luck today!

    At least the troll is gone! Cheers to that as you take a celebratory drink tonight! Lol!

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  2. Yep, not really a company takeover, but I’ve certainly been through the admin. shift at any rate. That micromanaging crap, thankfully, doesn’t happen with faculty here, but I couldn’t imagine what staff goes through. I’ve been lucky in that bad bosses here were uniformly bad to everyone, so they never last long. I think the longest time we’ve had to deal with a bad boss was our previous provost. Her contract kept her from being let go though, but one day, she made our president vewy vewy angry at a meeting. She was gone within a week after that, and it made the local papers (always a big deal whenever there’s a head honcho at a college who’s given the boot, due to breaking contracts and all that legal chaos).

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  3. Oh…my hubby’s dealing with some of the same s#%t!!! Needless to say, he may be retiring sooner than later!!! Here’s to that drink!!! 🍻

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  4. Been through a company take over twice. Not a great situation to be in. Both times they ended up cutting all but 5-10% of the company workforce and replacing it with their employees after 6 months to 2 years. It was tough. I hope that yours goes better. If you don’t think it will get better it may be time to dust off that resume and start looking for something on your terms. Good Luck!

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  5. Yes…I know this. I worked for Pacific Bell. In the late 90’s it was ‘bought’ by SBC. I think the worst was the cultural shift and the fact that SBC shamelessly lied to Pac Bell’s employees when it bought out Pac bell.

    SBC said that it would not move call center jobs out of San Francisco. But as soon as the deal was cinched, that’s exactly what they did.

    In the end it was a good thing because I found work that I loved. But I hate being lied to, especially when it is also an abuse of power.

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    • We are all a bit worried about this as well. The new people are saying all the right things…so far. But the chopping block could be brought out at any time once they’re in place. We shall see I guess

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  6. Um…kinda…lol

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  7. That’s creepy?

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  8. I once was through that owner changing thing. Didn´t work out for the new owner that well. The “died” and I survived by being my own boss instead, after I left them, or actually they throwed us all out when they didn’t make it 🙂

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  9. Yes I have worked for a job that went corporate after I was there for 15 years…I worked for a foundation and they have 5 different retirement centers in Northern California,,,,and we were all so different that it was nice that every center could do there own thing….then it was like we were blind sided and the company went corporate…we all had to do exactly like the other, use all the same forms, and they sent a budget cutter in to each department to trim the personal budgets of each department, in ne department they called it a complete redo, (of course I cant remember the correct word) anyway everyone in that one department were fired and had to fill out new applications to re-apply for their jobs….well they wanted to get rid of everyone but 1 worker and this was the legal way to do it so they didn’t have to pay unemployment….they re-vamped the department saying it would be totally different to cover there asses……so unfair…I felt really bad for the girls who lost there jobs….of course I wasn’t able to warn anyone….I was in the administration part of the business…it was just all terribly unfair….they laid off several workers in multiple departments and combined jobs so everyone worked more, without more pay….either do it or quit…it really left a sour note in a lot of our stomachs…I ended up working there another 6 years but it was pure hell….like you said no one said anything to anyone in the departments….all covert crap….I hated it…I complained in the meetings that the departments had the right to know what was going on….but I was always shot down….I was an advocate for the employees at these meetings but it was always about the bottom line…money….not about the employees feelings or needs….in the end I was so happy to give my notice….even the residents noticed the change and complained all the time….same BS don’t like it leave….man did you get me started on a rant…hadn’t thought about that part of my life in a long time……hope it gets better for you….your job is stressful enough with out administration BS on top of it…..kat

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    • God, everyone who’s replied to this post has some kinda horror story. I’m walking around with one eye open abou all this. Resume is ready to go if necessary. Can’t quite get a bead on what the direction is gonna be. One poor therapist was in tears today because the new electronic documentation was not cooperating. I’m leery but riding the wave. We’ll see. :/


      • I got out of the medical field just as the electronic BS was starting…I am so old school when it comes to the paper end of the business…I was doing medical records for the facility I was working at and it was a frigin nightmare…..I could see the potential for a major screw up on the electronical end….immediate documentation is always requited when dispensing meds….and it if the system failed, which it did often we could only rely on memory of the nurses…..not a good thing….I kept chanting keep the med books, but no one would listen……hang in there the wave will eventually crest …..kat

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      • I sure hope you’re right about that wave. I love surfing, but not fond of being slammed into the sandy bottom.


      • agreed….just keep treading water….

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  10. I’ve done acquisitions. I was one of the blazers slurking around the file room looking for seemingly random and obscure bits of data, and I’ve been one of the suits waiting around the corner until the sale was announced to shareholders. I’ve also been one of the “We just bought you, welcome to XYZ Company” team.

    I had a system that offered what I *think* is a better transition plan than you describe though. Companies often forget how scary it is to have the rug (with the old company logo) whisked out from under you!

    The good news is that you still have a job…and it’s much easier to find a job when you HAVE a job. Hit me up if I can help.

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