You Are What You Is

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 04 2015

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Kind of a long list to get to here, so here goes:

On this date, in 1956, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash met up at Sun Studios in Memphis for a jam session.  The recordings were impromptu, unrehearsed, and somewhat disjointed, as one would expect from a jam session.  The sessions tracks were not discovered until roughly 25 years later in an archive after the studio was sold.  A picture of the four legends resulted in them being dubbed they”Million Dollar Quartet”.

On this date, in 1971, a fire broke out at the Montreaux Casino in Switzerland during a Frank Zappa concert after someone set off a flare gun.  Interestingly enough, the event inspired Deep Purple to write arguably their most well-known song, “Smoke On The Water”.  They were at the hotel as well to record their album Machine Head.  They were forced to change locations, to the Grand Hotel, after the fire, and finished recording the album with “Smoke On The Water” being a last-minute addition to the record.

On this date, in 1972, Billy Paul’s song “Me and Mrs. Jones” was certified gold.

Speaking of Deep Purple, on this date, in 1976, Tommy Bolin, guitarist for the band, died of an overdose at the age of 25.

On this date, in 1980, the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant, made the announcement that the band would not re-form following the death of drummer John Bonham.  A moment of silence please!  😦

On this date, in 1988, Roy Orbison played his last gig, in Akron, OH.  The legend would pass away two days later from heart failure.

And, on this date, in 1993, Frank Zappa died from prostate cancer in Los Angeles at the age of 52.

One final note of bizarreness: on this date, in 1969, President Richard Nixon, Vice President Spiro Agnew, and 40 US Governors gathered in an auditorium to watch simulated acid trip films and listen to rock music.  It was done as an attempt to comprehend the current counter-culture of youth in that era and understand the resulting generation gap.  How bizarre do you think that scene was?!?  Some kinda Twilight Zone-ish sleepover!

Anyway, that’s it, and my songs of the day are:

“Cosmik Debris” by Frank Zappa

“Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple

“Me and Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul

“Space Truckin'” by Deep Purple

“Moby Dick” by Led Zeppelin

“Only the Lonely” by Roy Orbison

“Black Napkins” by Frank Zappa


32 comments on “You Are What You Is”

  1. So knowledgeable post 🙂 it’s like the most important events of the world of music were written 😉 loved this Sonny 😉 Thanks for sharing..

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  2. Wow, a simulated acid trip??!?! LOL That’s crazy.

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  3. I had no idea that’s what inspired Deep Purple’s song?! Wow.

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  4. Good morning….on here listening to your WFPK 91.1 I really enjoy your stations….thanks…and again another great post….loved Roy O. he had a unique voice for sure….kat

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