Baby, it’s cold outside!

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 05 2015

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On this date, in 2015, it turned COLD!!!  Brrrr!  Awoke this morning to temps in the teens, with anything inanimate or standing still being coated in a layer of Mother Nature’s icing.  I’m no fan of Winter and it’s not my favorite season, not by a long-shot, but this morning it was very pretty.  Foggy, a bit misty, sky illuminated but opaquely gray.  Exhales visible with every breath, like steam from a chimney.  Beautiful in its bleakly monochromatic etherealness and color scheme.  Mornings like this give me cause to appreciate Winters’ characteristics.

Last night was just as enchanting, in its crystal clear sky with each distant sun and planet brilliantly white against the contrasted blacker-than-black infinity of the galaxy, and can’t-see-my-hand-in-front-of-my-face darkness at my more terrestrial platitude.  And the silence of a Winter’s night is unlike anything else.  Literally, not a sound, devoid of a single decibel.  No crickets chirping or donkeys braying, no owls hooting or bullfrogs croaking.  Nothing, not a peep, the sound of silence nearly deafening.  Until, it is suddenly pierced with the eerie moan of our local pack of coyotes, nearly too close for comfort, removing the naive notion of being alone in the universe, in that instant of in audible melody that only nature can provide.  Freezing cold, bitter yet bestowing, invigorating and intensifying in its starkness.

I’ll concede, on this date, in 2015, that Winter has its charms, and I humbly apologize for soundly criticizing it a few posts ago.  I’m sorry Winter, for I took you a bit for granted, and said some things I did not mean…for the most part.  Anyway, I had an epiphany last night, and it carried over to this glorious morning you’ve so selflessly provided me.  Winter in the country should be seen as special, and its unique kaleidoscope should be sufficiently praised and documented on film, and in our senses’ memories.  So, for the time being at least, I sing Winters’ praises.

But asking me to do so in February may be asking me too much.

So, in honor of December, and the first true tastes of Winter so graciously provided us last night and this morning, my songs of the day are:

“Children of December” by The Slip

“Northern Highway” by Martin Courtney

“River” by James Taylor

“Why Would I Now?” by The Decemberists

“Winter Wonderland” by Jason Mraz

32 comments on “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

  1. Wow! Did you take that photo?
    It is freezing!

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  2. Awe I hear ole man winter crack a cold smile at your apology…glad the ole man could get you to see his beauty…k

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    • I’ll be bitchin’ about the Ole’ Man soon enough. The first my kitchen pipes freeze or I have to shuttle up and down my driveway with the truck because our cars can’t make it, for weeks at a time. Pulling my van out of knee deep snow every morning to be able to get up to the road, having to leave the truck there as everybody else’s shuttle, for weeks on end. Soon enough, the love/hate relationship will trend towards the latter.

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  3. I think the only purpose to Winter is to help me appreciate Spring and Summer more. I have zero use for it…especially out here where we typically have a week in January where it’s -20 in the morning. BLECK.

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    • We don’t usually get to minus 20 but we do get below zero, and it absolutely blows! This old farmhouse was not built with that in mind. We’ve found hay, denim, rags as insulation in our remodeling efforts over the years. We’ve fixed a lot, adding new windows helped. But it’s still like living in a colander. I’ll be hating winter soon enough. 😏

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  4. Magic post! 🙂 I truly like Winter’s beauty, but I definitely don’t love Winter’s cold! 🙂 haha

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  5. LOL! “On this date” xD

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  6. What a charming apology… slightly forced… well, this frost and fog is a good luck for photography anyway 🙂

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  7. Beautiful winter landscape. We still have rainy days. But it would be nice with some xmas snow soon.

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  8. AH HA! Remember I said something about hurting old man witer’s feelings LOL!

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