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Dec 11 2015

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Damn!  See the quote above?  I spent somewhere between 500 words and ridiculousness to make this very point two days ago.  Writers are too cool for school!  I’m not a writer by trade, or passion.  Any of y’all out here who are actual writers, happening upon my feeble attempts,  must find me humorous, in a “Isn’t that cute”, taking pity kinda way.  I envy you…those of you have the gift of wordsmithing.  You poets, prosemeisters, and loquacious linguists.  You awe me.  The satirical writers, with the dry wit and ability to say a million things in 20 words or less?  Awesome!  Your quotes make the rounds of book clubs and hipster pubs, academia and social media.  I admire your perspectives, and the ability to transport that perspective into my minds eye with the swipe of a pen.  The romantics among you, that give us amazing images of the beauty of love, and a love-story.  The sarcastic, smart assed, quick witted writers, that make me sneer, chuckle, and nearly-piss-myself-belly-laugh in a waiting room or crowded elevator.  To all of you who take us on fantastical magic carpet rides within 600 pages of numbered paper, I say “Thank you!”.

In honor of you writers, who inspire us, humor us, anger us, those who incite rebellion, make us cry, make us smile, who make us imagine, think, hurt, and hope, my songs of the day are:

“Book Faded Brown” by The Band

“Perfect Word” by k.d. Lang & The Siss Boom Bang

“Every Word” by Sade

“That’s My Story” by John Lee Hooker

“Paperback Writer” by The Beatles

“Into The Mystic” by Van Morrison

“Paper and Ink” by Tracy Chapman

“Epilogue (Nothing ‘Bout Me)” by Sting



28 comments on “Succinct!”

  1. I’m a quote hound….just lately have I taken the plunge to put ‘words’ to some of my photographs…there are some pretty awesome writers out there in WP land!!!

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  2. Every word is one of my favorite songs. You are a writer, you just don’t know it yet 🙂

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  3. Love that expression spiritualdragonfly! I am also a quote hound and I adore Bukowski. He is spot-on with so many thoughts. Perfect quote for today 🙂 I think you have a way with expression too, though. Your measured, yet still free-flowing thought is what drew me to your blog. Happy Friday everyone!

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  4. You’re adorable. That is all.


  5. great quote… he had to work at it……kat

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  6. Personally, your words always hit home with me. That’s why you are one of the main peeps I visit here. Plus where else do I get a playlist for the day?? Hope you enjoy your weekend. I am off to make my kid cry this a.m. by trying to get her to sit on a stranger’s lap (Santa pictures). Should be fun!

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  7. I am a huge quote lover! And its a great quote but I loved that post you wrote! Every word. I majored in English literature and have been writing for years. The best writing evokes feelings and touches the soul in some way. Mission accomplished son!!! I’d love to read more personal pieces when you feel like it. No pressure 🙂

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  8. You’re too a writer! It might not be your career or day job but still! I always enjoy your words and playlists.

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  9. Excellent quote and tribute. You are a good man.

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  10. Hey wow, you just wrote all the things I thought of those writer but didn’t have the words for xD Oh, the irony. You are an awesome writer :p 🙂

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