Time travelin’

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 12 2015

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Nostalgia is a funny friend.  Ordinarily I like old things.  Houses, furniture, people.  Old things tell a story, without saying a word.  But nostalgia is different.  It’s memories, good and bad, and mental road trips, can sometimes be…a trip.  I know lots of people have memories triggered by smell.  My memories tend to be associated with music.  Songs will transport me to a different time like nothing else, and were part of the soundtrack of my formative years.

My childhood was certainly not idyllic.  It was far from normal and oftentimes, was just a prime example of poor parenting. I don’t usually dwell on those days, as they aren’t especially fond memories.  But one thing from my childhood that I do remember fondly is the music I was introduced to.  And I was introduced to it in-person a lot of the time.  My cousins and I were simply brought along to shows, even at an age that most would now consider inappropriate.  Probably because any baby sitting money was spent on tickets, weed, and shrooms.  But hey, it was the ’70’s, and in those days it wasn’t unusual to have an 8 year-old at a Fleetwood Mac show, a Kansas show, or a Bob Dylan show…was it?  Or to have two or three of us cousins along for the ride and having joints passed around us in the car?  Or to spend the night someplace unfamiliar after a concert as the “adults” looked for a safe place to land?

Anyway, my love of music was ignited early and became, and still is, my life’s timeline.  And specifically, the music of my youth, from the ’70’s, brings me back.  To good times and bad, divorcing parents and roller rinks.  My first real kiss and changing schools frequently.  Losing a friend and seeing the ocean for the first time.  Remembering disappointments and minor miracles, distraught days and nomadic changes in latitude.

And seeing my first live music show.  That one event will remain the start of a life-long passion.  In fact, when I’m 75 or 80, if I’m somehow able to collect that many trips around the sun, I’ll likely be boring my grandkids with regalia of that KISS show in ’77, or the Pink Floyd show in ’76, or the ELO show in’78, or…whatever story about whatever show they’ve heard repeated more times than they care to recall.

With music as my timeline, I can hear any number of songs and be transported back to dozens of memorable events from about 3-4 to 12 years-old.  It was an interesting 9 or 10 years there.  When my wife is doin’ something around the house and turns on the ’70’s channel on the satellite, I am instantly 8 years old and changing schools again.  I’m 7 and moving into an apartment for the first of many different times.  I’m 9 and roller skating in a church gymnasium with my first “girlfriend”.  Or I’m 11 and going to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween for the first time.  You get the drift.

I won’t bore you with specific details about why these songs take me on a time travel trip.  I’ll just list a fraction of them in honor of the decade of my childhood, the good and/or bad memories it contained,  and the seminal moments they conjure back from the repressed depths of my psyche.  My songs of the day are:

“I Don’t Wanna Know” by Fleetwood Mac

“Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts

“Band On The Run” by Paul McCartney and Wings

“Sundown” by Gordon Lightfoot

“Breathe” by Pink Floyd

“September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

“Take Me To The River” by The Talking Heads

“Ten Years Gone” by Led Zeppelin

“Saturday’s” by De La Soul

“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas




24 comments on “Time travelin’”

  1. I’m a 70’s music fool. I can’t say music played as big a role as it did/does for you, but I do Know what it’s like to change schools, a lot, and certain songs will trigger a memory……

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    • I guess we are all a bit reflective on those years, at that age where you’re growin into who you’ll be. It’s good and bad. I’m sure lots of other people have lots of other memory triggers. Pretty powerful no matter what the stimuli that causes them.

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  2. Nice picture up there!

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    • I know, right? My wife found it somewhere. It’s really great! And I remember everything on it. Telly Savales, Billy Beer, School House Rock, Sanford and Son. It’s great to investigate closely. 🙂

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  3. LOL wasn’t that the way of life in the 70’s….take the kids to the concert…I remember seeing so many “old people” at the concerts with there kids in tow….I actually loved it….and yes the pot in the car with the kids in the back…LOL the norm back then….I was one of them in the late 70’s…..LOL memories from music…..between that and the smell of certain foods, well lets say it is better than watching a video of that time of life….sit back close your eyes and get lost in the music of time…..love your post you have taken me back to a good time in my life t his morning….your list of songs…..good memories….kat

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    • It was certainly the norm in our households. The pot, and other things, was no biggie to me. It was always around so I never gave it much thought, until I was a teenager that is. It was definitely an interesting time to be a kid. We had fun though! 😃

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  4. This is a great post! A lot of great music came out of the 70’s. I’m a little disappointed you don’t have Saturday Night Fever in your post. Lol j.k. That’s one of my favorite movies and soundtracks.

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    • Oh, I didn’t forget about it. Just way too much to fit in. The 70’s get a bum rap at times, about disco and bell bottoms and the hair. But you’re so right, there was some amazing music from that decade. Funk, R&B, rock, reggae, rap, and on and on. And all the singer-songwriters that emerged from the folk era of the late 60’s like Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, etc. Pretty great. 😃

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  5. Thanks for sharing…Sometimes it’s hard to go back and relive the injustices of our childhood…Sometimes it just makes us miss them too.

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  6. Great picture and I notice our Swedish band ABBA is on it. That music was there all the time when I grew up in the 70’s.

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    • I saw that! I love this print, not sure where my wife found it. Probably Facebook. There should be similar ones for other decades too. Yeah, the 70’s music is what I grew up on, but not necessarily disco. As I got older though, I learned to appreciate it more. Including ABBA! I’ve probably told you this before, and ignore me if I have, but I had a rather notorious night of fun lip syncing “Dancing Queen” on a stage at a bar in Chicago years ago. Thank god it was before cell phone cameras! 😃

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