‘Nough Said

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 15 2015

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I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Emma, and in her post, Critical Thinking, she mentioned her Montessori education.  How it focused more on critical thinking rather than traditional, rote-memorization sytles of education.  She wrote a terrific piece, very insightful and thought provoking.

We discussed the notion of generational continuity in embracing bigotry, intolerance, etc.  Those being learned behaviors relayed for years through fathers, mothers, grandparents.  Not thinking things through enough to come to their own conclusions, independent of what they’ve simply been told to believe.  Wondering if humans are capable of the self-awareness, acceptance of others’ differences, and the critical thinking skills necessary to control their thoughts and biases. To change directions from the generations-old training in intolerance.  Decide that getting along with one another would be far more beneficial to us all.  To break the mold, chart a new path for future generstions.

Well, as I was perusing my saved photo-stream for some inspiration, I stumbled across the quote above that my wife had saved at some point.  It really rings true, and fits nicely into the essence of our discussion.  Think about wars for example, all of them, for thousands of years!  Why don’t we learn?  Why does a tyrannical egomaniac gain power through brainwashing the majority of his people, and attain obedience from the rest by instilling fear?  Then attempt to acquire more and more and more, even outside the confines of their borders.   For what?  What need does it fulfill that couldn’t be fulfilled in a peaceful, cooperative manner?  And oftentimes in the name of religion, genocide, hatred, and/or ignorance.  Why?  As humans, why do we treat one another these ways, and why do we never, ever learn from our past mistakes?

Is it a lack of critical thinking?  Sounds plausible enough.  Add a pinch of no empathy and a dash of over-inflated ego with a smidge of our current I-don’t-care-if-it-isn’t-directly-related-to-me culture  of entitlement, and I think you have a recipe!  For continued reigns of antagonistic leaders, apathetic constituents unwilling to demand better, or even exercise their right to vote.  Continued unnecessary conflicts initiated by over-inflated gasbags posing as world leaders, yet again preventing the widespread change this world so desperately needs.  What we don’t seem to realize is that we ARE in control.  We ARE capable of change, for the better.  All of us.  Be the change.  One act of tolerance, empathy, peace, or kindness at a time.  And always remember, if you have children, they’re watching.  Be a good example, and they will learn, and the wheels of change will be set in motion.

Thanks, Emma, for stimulating an interesting train of thought and a great discussion on nature vs. nurture.  You rock!

My songs of the day are:

“All Along The Watchtower” by Bob Dylan OR Jimi Hendrix (either 😃)

“Chop ‘Em Down” by Matisyahu

“Amen Omen” by Ben Harper

“Isn’t One Way” by Patty Griffin

“Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin

“Bang and Blame” by R.E.M.

“Wasted Love” by City and Colour


23 comments on “‘Nough Said”

  1. I LOVE that quote! And this post. I think you hit the nail on the head with the lack of empathy and critical thinking combined with that sense of entitlement and disillusionment. It seems that (culturally, at least) we have to actively work to be peaceful, welcoming and open-minded people.

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    • I totally agree. I just don’t quite understand why it requires “work” fur humans to get along, accept, and live in peace. It seems like it’s a much easier and natural task than always fighting, invading, and hating. That exhausts me even thinking about it! Human nature is confounding at best. 😃

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  2. Thank you for the encouragement to keep on the lookout for people who feel for others. That is how my friend John put it — “How can I possibly argue with someone who favors material items/power over people? I need people in my life who feel for other people.” (rough quote) Recently, I was researching (of all things) Apocalyptic thinking and be-headings for a poem I’m working on, when I came across this: ”Of the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history.” (Chris Hedges) Much gratitude for reminding me that, even in the writing world, we can find thoughtful and caring humans.

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    • It’s sad that that’s refreshing! Should be the norm. And those numbers? Doesn’t surprise me. Reading a history book teaches one that we are constantly at war with one another. And not counting the atrocities that cost millions of lives not directly associated with a war. It’s terrible. 😦

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  3. Another reason I love WP….it brings back memories of years ago….I sent my daughter to a Montessori school for kindergarten…..then I ended up working there for several years as a second job….love the philosophy of the school…I believe it helped set my daughter on the correct course…love the post and thanks for wiping the cobwebs away from the deepest parts of my ole brain….kat

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    • It really is a great philosophy for education. I’d have sent our boys to one if there was a school out here. There’s one in the city of course, but wouldn’t be practical logistically for us. We certainly try to instill that ability to reason in them ourselves though.

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      • I truly believe education starts at home and at a young age….all we can do is try to instill the better qualities in our children lives..one of my favorite moments n my life is when you see the light bulb moment of any child…..its magical…..I always taught my children they have choices and the choices have consequences and to always play it through completely in there minds…happy to say they still are using this tool…..kat

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      • We’re trying to do the same. Hopefully they’re listening. Those “light bulb” moments are cool to watch. Hell, I still have them myself sometimes! 😃

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      • me too!!!! and all you can do is be the teacher..I found the best place to talk with my son, the suborn I am not going to listen no matter what, son…was in the car…he was captured like a caged animal…LOL I would lecture, he would sigh deeply and look out the window, sometimes he would even shed tears if I was on a delicate subject like his attitude…LOL but later in life I realized he was listening as he has shown me, without knowing mind you, some of the topics I covered and preached are being used by him…YAY sometimes they listen…….

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      • I hope you’re right! I have my doubts some days. My wife and I say that they don’t have ears, they’re just useless flaps of skin where ears should be. 😃


      • I worried about brain activity in mine at times and guess what…he did have a brain, a very intelligent one…hummm will wonders ever cease..LOL

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      • Hahaha! Only time will tell, I suppose. 😃


  4. Great quote and true words. It’s like we always think someone else should start the peace journey. Why? I we want a friendly world, then we have to start with our selves. People don’t do what others tell them to do, people do what other people do. So if we are just talking about how everyone else should be more peaceful, then it’s not going to happen. Each and everyone of us must show how to do this peaceness thing 🙂

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  5. That’s a great quote by a woman way ahead of her time. I see a lot more nursery schools and kindergarten programs incorporating the Montessori methods and I think it’s wonderful.

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